Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Application for Membership
VNN has temporarily suspended applications for membership. 
We should resume sometime in 2016 so please check back.

Becoming a member of VNN is a prestigious position of responsibility to the network, the public and to your colleagues.  Through VNN, media veterinarians are able to provide the latest accurate animal health information, solidify their roles as the local experts, and can benefit through the publicity generated by their media exposure.  We also provide a variety of social media resources and training. 

Any veterinarian and animal health professional interested in traditional or 'new' media journalism is well served by being a member of this network.

Each story contains:

  • A well-researched and professionally written and produced video blog story done in an easy to edit format for customization by you or your station.  The video footage can be voiced over by you live on the news set, or re-voiced for use as a news package or as your own video blog on your hospital site or other video display sites. 
  • Radio talking points that can be used for interview prep or talk show host talking points. 
  • For the written and web-based media, such as blogs, Facebook and e-newsletters, each story is downloadable in a 700 and 500 word editable column format.  You can easily add your opinion, your photo, by-line and local experience to every column.  Soon, we will also provide short format social content, such as "Tweetable" moments. 
  • Video URL and embed codes for your use on your own web site.

All resources can be easily edited to reflect local flavor and your expert opinion - and we encourage it.  As a VNN member you also have access to a library of Media Message Points and other tools.  We send you a weekly email news alert for breaking news and post the important story links on our home page.  In the case of a serious national story, such as the pet food recall, animal abuse or a quickly spreading infectious disease, we prepare media points and Q&A for you to be expertly prepared for your station or paper or even in your social media sites.  We also have an extensive library of Media Training Articles in addition to our webinars for you to learn more about the world of mass media communications.  We maintain several social sites where you can follow and check in on the current animal health headlines. 

On occasion (approximately 4 times per year), we will ask you to report back to us how you've used the story resources and in what media.  We - just like any media organization - must know our ratings.  VNN does reserve the right to place any member on inactive status if he or she fails to respond to communications from VNN staff or fails to report back the usage of VNN materials.

Our goal in all news productions is to provide you high quality news and information tools that save you time and improve the quality of veterinary news and online media contributions nationwide.

We are looking for individuals who have these qualities:

  1. Have a desire to contribute to traditional or social media for purposes of public information.
  2. Have a desire to improve their understanding of media journalism and social media and intend to use VNN produced resources to educate the public.
  3. Will make a commitment to report back to VNN via the web site or via communications with VNN staff in a timely fashion.
  4. Will maintain high character among both media and veterinary colleagues.
  5. Understands that the essence of each story is consumer information and education and should promote the veterinary medical profession as a whole.

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