Monday, February 08, 2016

New Pets Help Families in a Changing World

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Lots of people are going through some tough times right now.  But, Sleuth the Reporter Dog has found some information that shows how pets can help you cope!  Here are some top reasons why pets can help families in a changing world!

1) Studies show that owning pets enhances a child’s self-esteem and teaches responsibility and respect.  Kids with pets are also more active in sports, clubs and hobbies.

2) Pets can help adults lower blood pressure levels and ease stress and anxiety.

3) Senior citizens with pets are more likely to be involved in daily activities and show lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels than seniors without pets.

4) Even though our pets give us all of these great benefits plus unconditional love, they ask for very little in return.  It’s our responsibility to give them the proper care that they need.

5) Owning a pet comes with daily costs, such as food or daycare and ongoing expenses like vaccines and heartworm preventive.  Additionally, unexpected costs could crop up!

6) A good way to avoid surprise expenditures is to follow wellness protocols that your veterinarian can customize for your individual pet.  Pet health savings plans and pet insurance also help to reduce or even eliminate veterinary bills.

7) Don’t forget your pet needs you to watch for his mental/social health as well.  Behavior classes and a wide selection of toys can help minimize behavioral issues.

8) Common sense and responsible pet ownership, like neutering your pet and using microchips, can have a big impact on keeping your pet’s costs under control.

9) Your veterinarian and team can offer you wonderful advice on the type of pet that might be best for you and your family.

10) Be sure to bookmark and as your sources for accurate and up-to-date pet health information.

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