Saturday, February 06, 2016

Shedding Pounds With Our Pets

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SLeuth - VNN Reporter Dog Mascot

Like all dogs, Sleuth the Reporter Dog loves his walks!  He is especially excited about walking now because he found out about a new study showing how pets help their people lose weight too!  The folks at the Veterinary News Network developed these points to help guide owners with exercising their pets!

1) Like their humans, a large percentage of North American pets are overweight or obese.

2) Chubby pets suffer from breathing problems, heart problems and are at higher risk for some cancers.

3) The People and Pets Exercising Together (PPET) study showed that pets are a positive influence for owners who are trying to lose weight.

4) Dog owners average about twice as much walking as non-dog owning people.

5) Since walking your dog is enjoyable, it’s less like exercise for most people.  This means that you are more likely to continue the activity.

6) Before starting any weight loss or exercise program for your pets, please consult your veterinarian for weight loss diets and a physical exam.

7) Be sure to start slow, your pet won’t know to pace himself and could be prone to injury without first building strength and stamina.

8) Our cats benefit from exercise as well.   A 20-30 minute play period every day can help flabby tabbies shed pounds.  Laser pointers and treat balls work well.

9) Even though cultural changes have led to increases in obesity of pets and people, it is possible to effectively change that fact by working out with our pets!

10) Be sure to bookmark www.PetDocsOnCall as a trusted source of up-to-date and accurate pet health information.

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