Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Pet Health Savings Plans

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Seeing your pet sick or injured is a terrible thing, but what’s even more disheartening is not having the funds to pay for his care.  Sleuth the Reporter Dog found a new option that might just give pet owners a chance to save some money and maybe even their pet’s life!

1) Veterinary care is a great value, but when a traumatic injury or serious illness happens, pet owners might have difficulties finding money for the care.

2) Emergencies like bloat or fractured legs can run as high as $2000 or even $5000!

3) Sadly, many pets are euthanized for financial reasons, even though a surgery or treatment could completely cure the problem.

4) Now, pet owners have a new option for preparing for those unexpected pet costs.  Pet Health Savings Plans have joined Pet Insurance and Personal Financing as a means to keep your pet healthy.

5) Unlike credit cards or personal financing plans, Pet Health Savings Plans don’t require credit checks and waiting for approval. 

6) Simply set up an automatic withdrawal from your paycheck and money is deposited into an interest bearing, FDIC insured account.  It’s easy to watch money for your pet grow!

7) And, the money is available whenever you need it and for whatever purpose!  Your savings never expire and never go away.

8) This is different from pet insurance…the money you pay in is always yours.  If your pet never needs the insurance, you can’t get your premiums back!

9) Many veterinarians are appreciative of these new plans because it helps to remove some of the concern about finances away from the care of the pet.

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