Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Saying Good-bye With Dignity - Hospice Care for Pets

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Learning that your pet has a terminal disease is hard enough, but is it always necessary to consider euthanasia right away?  Sleuth the Reporter Dog found out from his friends at the Veterinary News Network that there is another option – pet hospice care!

1) Hospice care and palliative care focuses on removing the patient’s pain, increasing their comfort level.  Finding or attempting cures is not part of this type of care.

2) Hospice is a fairly recent arrival on the human side of medicine and now veterinarians are finding that they can help their disabled pets or very sick pets with this type of care as well.

3) When a disease has no cure, some owners prefer euthanasia to spare their pets any pain.  But, this often leads to second guessing and a lack of closure for the owner.

4) Hospice gives owners, family and friends a chance to say good-bye to the pet in the comfort of their home environment.

5) As long as the quality of life appears to be sound, most veterinarians will support an owner’s decision to preserve the life of their pet.

6) Only when the bad days start outnumbering the good days do hospice veterinarians start counseling for euthanasia

7) If you have a terminally ill pet or a severely disabled pet, hospice may be an option.  Your veterinarian will teach you how to medicate your pet and alleviate and distress or pain.

8) Special beds, mobility ads and even harnesses can help make the pet more comfortable.

9) Pet owners should also consider their own emotional and physical needs.  Develop a support group to help you when the going gets tough.

10) Be sure to bookmark and as your sources for trusted pet health information.

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