Monday, February 08, 2016

Stop, Drop and Roll Over? Fire Safety for Pets

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog is pretty brave, but fire scares him to death!  Knowing that many pets need help in the event of a fire, Sleuth asked his friends at the Veterinary News Network to develop some helpful hints.

1) More than 500,000 pets die in house fires each year.

2) Smoke alarms help humans, but the loud noise often scares pets and sends them into hiding.

3) In addition, many pets are left home alone and have no way to escape the fire, even with working smoke detectors.

4) Firefighters who rescue pets are often ill-equipped to provide life-saving oxygen to the animals efficiently.

5) To help keep your pets safe, be sure to extinguish all flames before leaving home and consider confining young pets to prevent them from accidently starting a fire.

6) Alarm monitoring services can instantly dispatch fire personnel to your home in the event of a fire, increasing the chances of your pets escaping without harm.

7) Window alert signs, or “window clings” help firefighters identify the need to find and rescue pets from your home.

8) Local rescue squads are now receiving donated animal oxygen masks from veterinarians and animal advocates.  These will help save pets’ lives after fires.

9) Ask your veterinarian about potential pet fire hazards in your home and the best ways to keep your pet safe.

10) Be sure to bookmark www.MyVNN.coma and  as sources of up-to-date and accurate pet health information.