Saturday, February 06, 2016

EPA Warns Pet Owners About Flea and Tick Products

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog trusts his veterinarian for the best advice on flea control.  But, he saw an article stating that the EPA was concerned about adverse reactions from flea products.   So, as usual, Sleuth turned to the Veterinary News Network for the right answers!

1) During 2008, the EPA recorded more than 44,000 adverse events associated with all flea products.  However, they did not differentiate between mild skin irritations and more serious reactions.

2) Many over-the-counter (OTC) products can cause problems, especially if used incorrectly.  Although not proven, it is believed that most reactions come from OTC products.

3) Moreover, there is no confirmed connection between the use of any flea product and the reported reactions.  The EPA is relying on information passed on by consumers.

4) Manufacturers of these pesticides are required by law to report any adverse events to the EPA.  One manufacturer (Merial) states that their internal reporting system has not shown any increase in problems with their product, Frontline®.

5) Another manufacturer, Hartz, believes their products are often unfairly blamed because of their familiar brand name.

6) When using any flea or tick product, always follow label instructions and your veterinarian’s guidelines.   Do not use dog products on cats.

7) Save any packaging until you are sure your pet has shown no signs of reactions.

8) Trust your veterinarian to provide the best information to you.  They understand how flea products work and how to handle any potential problems.

9) Be sure to bookmark and as your sources for accurate and up-to-date pet health information.