Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sometimes Good Medicine Is Simply Good Nutrition

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Everyone knows that “you are what you eat”, but for some pets, their foods need to be specially formulated to help with their illnesses.   Sleuth the Reporter Dog asked his friends at VNN to provide a few tidbits about “prescription” diets.

1) Pets suffering from heart conditions, kidney disease, liver problems, arthritis, allergies, or even cancer can benefit from a special diet.

2) The first therapeutic diet was made in 1940.   The food was for “Buddy”, a seeing-eye dog suffering from kidney failure.

3) Since then, prescription diets have become a multi-million dollar industry and have helped millions of pets live longer lives despite serious illness.

4) Some owners worry about the expense of feeding these special foods.  Many even attempt to make their own food at home for the pet.

5) Homemade diets are feasible, but they require a lot of work and preparation.   Slight changes can spell big problems for your pet.

6) Not all prescription diets are meant to be fed long term.   It is possible that your pet could return to a regular diet.

7) If your pet does need special food for life, consider buying larger bags.  They are more cost effective.

8) Ask about home delivery.   Some pet food manufacturers offer this service.

9) Always check with your veterinarian before making any dietary changes.

10) Be sure to bookmark and as reliable and trustworthy sources of accurate pet health information.