Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Battle Against Heartworms Getting Tougher!

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Pet owners are trying to save money in many ways, but stopping your pet’s heartworm prevention should not be one of them.  Sleuth the Reporter Dog and the Veterinary News Network found these disheartening facts about Canine Heartworm Disease.

1) Despite effective preventive medications, veterinarians continue to see an increase in cases of heartworm disease among dogs.

2) Some pet owners would like to blame product failure, but experts agree that the products are effective and unlikely to fail or select for resistant parasites.

3) When pet owners do not give the medication routinely or as directed by the veterinarian, they are putting their pets at risk for contracting this deadly parasite.

4) Veterinarians who fail to stress year round prevention or overlook missing heartworm doses in their patients are doing those pets a disservice.

5) Pets who bury their treats or spit them out are not benefitting from the protection offered by the medication.

6) Your veterinarian has a variety of options available to help protect  your pet against heartworms.   If a monthly chewable tablet won’t work, you can try a topical medication or even a six month injection.

7) The manufacturers of heartworm preventives guarantee their products.  If your pet ever contracts heartworm disease and you have been consistent with prevention, they will pay for the treatments your pet needs.

8) It’s easy to blame a product rather than admit to a common mistake.   But the fact remains that pet owner compliance is one of the biggest reasons for increasing numbers of heartworm infected dogs.

9) Avoid unfounded Internet rumors or opinions from non-veterinary experts.  Your veterinarian will have the best advice on protecting your pet from the dangers of heartworm disease.

10) Be sure to bookmark as your source of up to date and accurate pet health information.