Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Do Pets Get Rich When Their Humans Die?

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Seeing human and animal friends reach the end of life is sad.  Sleuth, the Reporter Dog knows that in some cases, pets outlive their owners and relatives are unable to take in the pet.  The Veterinary News Network found some sound advice for worried pet owners.

1) To repay their affection, pet owners often desire to leave something to their pets in a will.

2) Unfortunately, most states consider pets as property.  Therefore your “property” (the pet) can’t own property (such as money or a house). 

3) When people leave huge amounts of money for the care of a pet, many courts find the requests to be capricious or even frivolous.

4) You can insure your pet will live a good life when you are gone by talking with an estate attorney ahead of time.

5) Plan to give money or resources to a human beneficiary who can act in your pet’s best interest.  The money you leave can be specified for the care and well-being of your pet.

6) Keep an “Animal Card” on you in case of an accident.  This will inform emergency personnel that somewhere a pet is relying on you to come home.

7) Although sad to think about, make provisions in your will to care for your pet’s remains at the end of his life.

8) Be proactive and plan these things ahead of time with your attorney.  Your pet could end up in a shelter or even euthanized prematurely if you don’t.

9) Talk to your veterinary staff about potential resources in your area for pets of recently deceased people.  Some shelters allow pets to live out their natural lives when an owner makes a suitably sized donation.

10) Be sure to bookmark as your accurate and up-to-date pet health resource.