Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Purebred Rescue...Finding Forever Families!

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Being a shelter dog himself, Sleuth the Reporter Dog appreciates it whenever a family adopts a pet from a shelter.  But, he also realizes that some people are looking for a specific breed.  Sleuth is so happy to pass on these tips from the Veterinary News Network about Purebred Rescue Groups!

1) Purebred rescue groups search for and remove their specific breeds from shelters.  Sometimes, the animals are saved just days or hours before euthanasia.

2) These dedicated groups are focused on matching the right pet to the right owner.   They want to find each pet their “forever home”.

3) Some people think that rescue groups only get pets with behavioral or medical problems.   But, the truth is many young healthy pets end up in rescue as well.

4) Prospective adopters should prepare themselves for a lengthy application and interview process when dealing with rescue groups.

5) Because of their commitment to finding the right home for the pet, rescue groups might require a home visit prior to adoption.  This is in addition to numerous interviews.

6) Because of their devotion, breed rescue groups often have higher success rates at placing pets than most shelters.

7) These groups are all non-profit organizations and rely on donations and adoption fees to continue their work to save pets.

8) Rescue groups exist for dogs, cats, horses, and even exotic pets.

9) A visit to www.petfinder.com can give you a glimpse into the world of purebred rescue groups.

10) Be sure to bookmark www.MyVNN.com as your source for accurate pet health information.