Sunday, February 14, 2016

Helping Your Pet Keep His Cool This Summer

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Everyone loves the summertime!   But our pets can also have it rough during the extremely hot weather.  Sleuth the Reporter Dog had his friends at the Veterinary News Network find these tips to keep your pet cool this summer!

1) Heat stroke is also known as heat prostration.   It can affect thousands of dogs every summer.

2) Dogs don’t sweat like us, they pant.   If this system fails for any reason, your pet will overheat!

3) Body temperatures over 106 are a medical emergency and temperatures of 110 degrees are fatal in just a few moments!

4) Older dogs and dogs with short noses, like Bulldogs, are at higher risk for heat stroke.

5) If your dog has been outside and is vigorously panting, can’t stand or appears to have thick ropy saliva, he might be overheated.   Get him to a cooler place immediately!

6) Use cool, not cold, tap water on the extremities and trunk to help lower body temperature.   DON’T USE ICE OR EXTREMELY COLD WATER!

7) You will need to get your pet to the veterinarian immediately.   Heat stroke is treatable, but immediate support is needed.

8) Cats also get heat stroke, but it is rare and usually associated with extreme exercise or trauma.

9) Talk with your veterinarian about steps you can take to protect your pets from the heat this summer.

10) Be sure to bookmark as your source for valuable, up-to-date pet health information.