Saturday, February 06, 2016

Battling a Canine Killer...Katy's Story

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Sleuth, the VNN Reporter Dog, is busy sniffing out the best health care tips and pet advice for you and your four legged friend.  Sleuth has even found a way for you to help defeat a serious canine killer!

1) Canine cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths of all dogs. 

2) 50% of dogs over age two will develop some sort of cancer and 25% will die.

3) Dogs over the age of ten die from cancer about 50% of the time.

4) The Morris Animal Foundation ( has created the Canine Cancer Campaign to try and defeat this terrible disease.

5) At, you and your family can learn about research that is being done to detect cancer earlier and treat it more effectively.

6) Their goal is to raise more than 30 million dollars in just five years!

7) This money will allow the Cancer Campaign to not only find cures for cancer in dogs, but may also lead towards reducing and eliminating some human cancers as well.

8) Many veterinary organizations have joined this campaign and the Morris Animal Foundation is hoping you will too!

9) Visit either website to learn about the great ideas these folks have to eliminate canine cancer in the next ten to twenty years.

10) Be sure to bookmark as your source for up-to-date and accurate pet health information.