Friday, February 05, 2016

False Flea Facts Pet Owners Need to Know!

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog has been “itching” to get information about fleas to you! Maybe they can help you gain some relief as well!

1) Fleas are a perennial problem across most of North America.  Although the winter cold will kill some fleas, many more can survive inside our pet’s shelters and our homes!

2) Just 30 female fleas can turn into 250,000 within a mere 30 days!  Under the right conditions, adult fleas can reproduce and have new adult fleas in just 12 days!

3) For relief, some people have turned to natural remedies, like brewer’s yeast and garlic tablets.  Although many people swear by these folk remedies, there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims.

4) Older pesticides are often harsh, toxic to the environment and potentially harmful to the pet as well.  Newer generation flea control methods are safe and non-toxic to the pet and the family.

5) There are concerns about flea resistance to certain products, but experts state that there are no fleas resistant to the current lineup of flea products available at your veterinarian’s office.

6) Resistance is often the perceived problem when the flea products are applied incorrectly or if there is an overwhelming number of fleas in the environment.

7) Over-the-counter (OTC) flea control products are greatly different than medications provided by your veterinarian.  Some of the OTC products can kill pets when used incorrectly.

8) For the best advice, talk to your veterinarian and staff about what flea products are right for you.

9) Be sure to bookmark as your favorite source for pet health information.