Saturday, February 13, 2016

Orthotics Give Pets a Step Up to Normal Lives

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Dogs and cats get orthopedic injuries just like we do.   Sleuth the Reporter Dog helped his friends at the Veterinary News Network “cast” these helpful tips for you and your pets.
1) Orthopedic injuries, like broken bones and joint injuries are very common and often involve costly surgeries.

2) Additionally, recovery and rehabilitation are difficult for many pets.

3) The use of orthotic devices is an option for pet owners when surgery is risky or to help in your pet’s recovery process.

4) Orthotics is the science of custom-making braces and devices to support limbs and joints and even help correct the limb’s function.

5) Human medicine routinely uses orthotic braces for ligament tears but also for patients who have cerebral palsy or have undergone a stroke.

6) Working with you and your veterinarian, an orthotic specialist can create a brace specifically made for your pet.   The use of this brace can help alleviate pain and correct dysfunction.

7) After corrective surgeries, orthotic devices are also useful to help support the affected limb, protecting it during normal use.

8) Because these braces improve the quality of life for pets, their use will help avoid many euthanasias.

9) As always, speak to your veterinarian about your questions concerning  your pet’s level of pain and whether orthotics is an option for you.

10)  Be sure to bookmark as your best source for accurate and up-to-date pet health information.