Friday, February 12, 2016

Just What IS That Doggie in the Window?

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Have you ever wondered if your mixed breed dog is more Collie than Labrador?   Are you confused because you can’t see any Beagle in your Beagle mix?   Sleuth, the full bred Reporter Dog, has found a new blood test that just might help!

1) Roughly half of the dogs in North America are mixed breed and more than 86% of mixed breed dog owners are unsure of their dog’s background.

2) The possibilities of mixed breeds are enormous…the American Kennel Club lists more than 150 different pure breeds!

3) A new blood test, called the Wisdom Panel® DNA test, can determine your pet’s ancestry from a small blood sample with an 84% accuracy rate.

4) This test uses technology similar to technology used to track human population migrations or identify potential murder suspects.

5) Although this test can help to answer questions about your dog’s “roots”, veterinarians caution owners not to try and use the results as a basis for proving certain diseases.

6) Also, it is important to always describe your pet as you see him, not as his genetic type.   Your pet may be a Husky mix genetically, but might look like a Shepherd mix to the animal shelter.

7) For pet owners concerned about genetic diseases, your veterinarian can help you determine if your pet is at risk through blood testing and consultation.

8) Be sure to bookmark as your source for the latest and most accurate pet health information!