Monday, February 08, 2016

Animal ER - Ready When You Need Them!

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When you are experiencing an emergency with your pet, a lot can happen quickly and your emotions will be running wild.  Sleuth the Reporter Dog and the staff at the Veterinary News Network hope that you never have the need to utilize the animal emergency room.  In the event you are facing a pet emergency, follow these guidelines that Sleuth hunted down:


1)      First and foremost, if you think your pet needs emergency treatment, odds are that your pet should be seen by a veterinarian.   You know your pet best and if something is wrong, it is better to act than to delay.

2)      Know the telephone number and location of the nearest animal emergency hospital.   You should keep this information in a place that is easily accessible for all family members. 

3)      If there is not an all night hospital in your location, talk to your family veterinarian about who handles after hours emergencies and how to contact them.

4)      If the emergency hospital in your area is only open at nights and on weekends, you may need to transport your pet back to your family veterinarian for further treatment.

5)      Looking around, it may be hard to differentiate an animal emergency room from a human one.   Don’t be surprised by doctors who recommend ultrasounds, x-rays and even blood work for your four legged friend. 

6)      You should plan on leaving a deposit for your pet’s care.   Animal emergency hospitals generally do not allow billing.   They will expect payment in full when your pet is discharged.

7)      Above all, prepare yourself to ask questions.   The doctors and staff of the emergency hospital are professionals and they want to take care of your pet, just like you would.   If you have concerns, or if you don’t understand the protocols, ask questions!   The team at the ER will understand your concern and work with you to assure the well-being of your pet.

8)      Be prepared for any pet emergency.  Find out from your family veterinarian about their emergency policies and who they recommend for after hours care.   Be sure to bookmark as your place to keep current on the latest pet health information!