Saturday, February 13, 2016

Options for Grieving Pet Owners...

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Options for Grieving Pet Owners

Saying good-bye to a four-legged friend who has given your years of love and devotion is very traumatic.   Sleuth the Reporter Dog wants you to know that grieving for a pet is normal and his friends at the Veterinary News Network have found some unique ways to help you to find closure:

  1.  First and foremost, the grief that you feel is part of a normal process.   You should never feel ashamed by your feelings you have for your pet.
  2. Pet loss support hotlines and professional assistance may be available in your area.   Ask the healthcare team at your veterinarian’s office about grief counseling or visit
  3. Any pet can be special to an owner.   From a first fish to the long lived birds, it’s not just dogs and cats who deserve recognition and remembrance.
  4. Plan a memorial service for your pet, especially if the whole family is not available when your pet passes away.   Memorial services offer everyone a chance to remember and share fond memories.  This is especially helpful if your pet is euthanized at the hospital and you are unable to bring him or her home with you.
  5. Funeral services are more common and many cities have businesses that are solely devoted to helping the pet owner lay their cherished friend to rest.   Several casket types are available as well.
  6. Pet burials are available in specialized cemeteries for pets.   Local laws may prohibit you from burying your pet in your backyard.
  7. For many pet owners, having their pets cremated is a viable option.   Some owners will keep the ashes as a remembrance, others might spread the ashes over a favorite hiking trail or even scatter them over a personal flower garden.
  8. Decorative urns are available, including urns that are designed to keep the ashes from multiple pets.   Decorative headstones and ornamental keepsakes are available for marking your pet’s resting space and just as a reminder of the affection you shared.
  9. Talk to your veterinarian and be sure to bookmark to help keep you current on the latest in pet health information!