Thursday, February 11, 2016

Vaccine for Serious Canine Cancer Nears Reality

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Vaccine for Serious Canine Cancer

Cancer can be one of the most devastating diseases to affect both people and their pets.   Luckily, research is on-going into new treatments and medications to help lessen cancer’s effects.   Sleuth, the Reporter Dog, has just uncovered some exciting news, with a little help from the Veterinary News Network!

1.      Cancers are common in dogs, cats, and people.   Humans and their dogs share a dangerous type of cancer known as melanoma.

2.      Arising from the pigment producing cells of the skin, melanoma is considered very dangerous because it spreads rapidly and is often resistant to chemotherapy.

3.      Canine Malignant Melanoma (CMM) is the most common oral cancer of dogs and accounts for 5% of all canine cancers.

4.      The USDA has granted a conditional license for a new type of vaccine that may provide hope for canine and human patients with melanoma.

5.      Previous research with DNA vaccines has been promising and, along with traditional cancer treatments, could extend the survivability of many patients.

6.      Research is on-going, but veterinary cancer specialists, or oncologists, do have the vaccine available for their use.

7.      Our pets get many lumps and bumps and not all of them are cancerous.    Your veterinarian can help you understand different treatment protocols and therapies for any sort of unusual growth on your pet.

8.      Radiation treatments and chemotherapy are often available for your pet and are well-tolerated by the pet.  Talking with your veterinarian may help ease some of your worries and concerns.

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