Tuesday, February 09, 2016

High Tech Lost and Found

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High Tech Lost and Found!

Microchips help to save the lives of many pets every year by helping to return them to their owners promptly.   So, why isn’t everyone using microchips?  Sleuth, the VNN Reporter Dog, found these facts about “chips”.

1) Microchips are small computer chips about the size of a grain of rice.  They have unique ID numbers that can be read by electronic scanners.

2) In North America, there are 4 different frequencies of microchips in use and not all scanners can read all 4 types of microchips.

3) This has led to confusion, problems, and at least one instance in which a puppy was euthanized despite having a microchip implanted.

4) Leading veterinary organizations and animal welfare groups are calling for the use of “universal” scanners to help prevent these issues.

5) Beyond incompatibility of scanner and chip, another major problem is that most pets with microchips are never registered properly in an easily accessible database.

6) When pets are not registered properly, it can lead to delays or even prevent reunions with the pet’s family.

7) Microchips are wonderful and powerful tools to help keep our pets safe, but until certain issues are resolved, this high tech pet ID may not be ready for prime time.

8) Talk with your veterinarian about the best ways to keep your pet safe.

9) Be sure to bookmark www.MyVNN.com as your source of accurate and up-to-date pet health information.