Saturday, February 06, 2016

Feeding Bones is an Expensive Gamble

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog would dearly love to grab a big meaty natural bone and run off with the prize, but he knows better.  There are a lot of risks and dangers to chewing on bones and Sleuth’s friends at the Veterinary News Network have provided some insight into these problems

1)    Dogs and bones seems like a natural mix!  But, most pet owners are unaware of the dangers of feeding bones to pets.   The FDA has even tried to warn consumers to stop giving these treats to their dogs!

2)    Most veterinarians are not proponents of giving bones to dogs.  As animal health professionals, they will often see the fractured teeth, lacerated gums and even digestive tract obstructions that accompany this practice.

3)    When a veterinarian examines your pet’s mouth, unusual patterns of enamel wear, cracks in the teeth and even broken teeth can be indicative of a patient with a bone-chewing history.

4)    In many cases, these dogs need root canals or even tooth extractions to fix the problem.  The cost for those procedures can exceed $500 or even $1000!!

5)    Veterinary emergency hospitals are often presented with dogs who are vomiting and have painful abdomens.  X-rays will regularly reveal an obstruction caused by bone fragments or even whole chunks of bone.

6)    Exploratory surgery along with pain medications and several days of hospitalization can run well in excess of $2500! 

7)    No bones are 100% safe, despite what raw food advocates might say on the Internet.  We see problems with cooked bones, raw bones and bones from every type of food animal.

8)    Play it safe…avoid using bones as a treat or chewing device.  We can point you towards much better, safer products that won’t harm your pet or your wallet.

9)    Sites like can provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.