Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gift Ideas for Your Pets

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There’s nothing more fun than the opportunity to open presents!!  Sleuth the Reporter Dog for the Veterinary News Network just loves ripping up the paper and finding out what’s inside.  But, with all the choices out there, what’s really the best gift to give our pets?

1)    60% of all pet owners plan to give gifts to their pets to celebrate a special occasion.  Popular items include toys, designer outfits, new collars or special food bowls.

2)    Veterinarians recommend toys that are not only durable but also encourage the pet to get up and exercise.  This can help both overweight pets and high energy pets, like some working breeds of dogs.

3)    Companies like Kong, Pet Qwerks, Premier Pet Products and Aikiou all have made some special playthings that not only encourage exercise and movement, but also stimulate your pet’s mind and intelligence.

4)    Don’t forget that your cat needs exercise too!  Consider a Kitty Teaser type of toy and you will see immediate results from even the laziest kitty.

5)    Items that keep your pet safe can also be a great gift.  Microchips are permanent identification that will help get your pet home if he is ever lost or stolen.

6)    Pet health insurance plans are another way of protecting your pet and your wallet.  We all know that accidents and even long-term illnesses can hurt owners financially.  Pet health insurance helps lessen that impact.

7)    Above all, the very best gift you can give your pets is simply time with you!  Every dog and cat appreciates an owner who will take a little time to exercise with them or give them a good brushing.

8)    Ask your veterinarian about new toy ideas or gifts that match your pet’s abilities.  He or she can suggest safe toys that will keep your pet mentally and physically healthy.

9)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.