Thursday, February 11, 2016

Looking for the Right Pet Food

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Sleuth, the VNN Reporter Dog

Every pet has to eat!!  But, how many of our pet owners really think about what they are getting from the local pet store or grocery store when they get that bag of food?  Sleuth, the VNN Reporter Dog, got some tips on choosing your pet’s next diet.

1)    Wandering any pet food aisle is confusing and often a bewildering place.  Pet owners are often perplexed by the enormous variety of diets available.

2)    There are a few tricks to finding a good pet food for your dog or cat.  First, it pays to look at the nutritional adequacy statements on the labels.

3)    These statements tell you whether the food is meant for “all life stages” (meaning it can be fed to puppies and kittens OR senior pets) or whether it’s designed for more specific stages.

4)    Just like many things, one size does NOT fit all.  Foods that are for all life stages may include too much of certain nutrients for older pets.

5)    Also, look for foods that have undergone feeding trials.  The statement will look something like this:  “AAFCO animal feeding trials substantiate that this diet is good for adult maintenance”.

6)    Foods that do not undergo any sort of feeding trials prior to sale will have a statement that reads: “Brand X has been formulated to meet nutrient profiles for…”.

7)    Ask your veterinarian about the reputation of various pet food companies.  Your pet’s doctor will know which ones have veterinary nutritionists on staff and which ones have done the necessary research within animal nutrition.

8)    Your veterinary staff understands your individual situation and what is special and unique about your dog or cat’s needs.

9)    Random, anonymous people from Internet sources may not have your pet’s best interest in mind.  Beware of any diet that sounds like a fad!

10)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.