Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rapid Blood Analysis Delivers Vital Results to Your Veterinarian

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Finding out whatís going on with your sick pet can be a challengeÖmainly because our dogs and cats canít talk to us.  But, Sleuth, the VNN Reporter Dog, has found out that many veterinarians have a powerful tool to help diagnose problems.   That tool is In House Blood Analyzers!

1)    Diagnostic blood work can help veterinarians determine the cause of our petsí illnesses.  Now, with in-house analyzers, many test results can be determined while you wait.

2)    Complete Blood Counts (CBCs) and chemistry profiles can provide your veterinarian with a wealth of information that will not only diagnose the problem, but also help us set up a treatment plan.

3)    Modern technology has enabled companies to create very reliable and efficient analyzers that can give accurate results in a matter of minutes with just a few drops of blood.

4)    This information is very helpful not only for pets who are sick, but also pets needing anesthesia or even for healthy animals as a good baseline.

5)    CBCs allow us to see what kind of cells are in the blood along with their numbers.  This can help us identify anemia, clotting problems or even active infections.

6)    Chemistry profiles generate a picture of the health of internal organs.   We can see how well the kidneys, liver and other organs are functioning and possibly even identify early signs of disease.

7)    By combining these results with your petís symptoms, environment and other factors, we can get a good picture that may lead to a diagnosis, best treatment options and possibly a cure.

8)    Sometimes a special or specific lab test will still need to be sent out to a reference lab. 

9)    Diagnostic blood work is a powerful tool that helps us provide the very best possible care for your best friend.  This can give you peace of mind and a better understanding of your petís health.

10)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.