Monday, February 08, 2016

Myths About Our Pets Foods

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Sleuth, the VNN Reporter Dog

Everyone, even dogs like Sleuth, have their favorite foods, but how can pet owners know which brand of pet food is actually good.  Sleuth asked his friends at the Veterinary News Network to help clear up some persistent pet food myths.

1)    More than 3,000 brands of pet food are available and pet owners are confused by marketing hype, passionate online arguments and even by the ingredients themselves.

2)    As an example, many people think that our pets are unable to digest corn and therefore, its presence in a pet food is a bad thing.

3)    The reality is that ground corn and corn gluten meal are excellent sources of carbohydrates and amino acids.  The use of corn in pet foods actually enhances the protein levels from meats.

4)    It’s important to remember that nutrients (amino acids, fatty acids, etc) are what our pets need, not specific ingredients!

5)    Many people also think that corn is highly allergenic.  Studies have shown that corn consistently causes fewer allergies than beef, soy, dairy and wheat ingredients.

6)    The term “by-products” may sound a little scary, but the truth is that this ingredient is a source of quality protein and other nutrients.  Organs like the liver or lungs and even many muscles that aren’t used for human foods, are termed “by-products”.

7)    By –products do NOT contain hooves, hair, feathers or other material like that.

8)    Despite many Internet rumors, veterinarians actually do have a good education in nutrition.  Beyond requirements in veterinary school, some doctors have done undergraduate work in nutrition and most will attend popular continuing education seminars on nutrition.  This helps them keep up to date with the latest in pet food trends.

9)    Finally, please don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian if you have any questions about a diet.  Whether your preference is “grain-free”, “organic” or the cheapest food you can find, your pet’s doctor is the best option for helping you find a diet that your pet likes and meets your needs as well.

10)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.