Saturday, February 06, 2016

Generic Pet Drugs: Good or Bad for Your Pets?

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog 

Sleuth knows that all pet owners are not only concerned about their petsí health, they are also concerned about the costs.  With generic medications being such a big deal in human medicine, is there any thought to having generic drugs for our dogs and cats?

1)    Generic medications make up more than 80% of human prescriptions filled each year.  There are a few generics in veterinary medicine, including heartworm prevention, flea medications and even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

2)    Some people are very concerned about the safety and effectiveness of generic medications because of news reports highlighting poor manufacturing practices or even contaminated ingredients.

3)    Despite these reports, the FDA says that generics are safe and go through the same sort of approval process as the brand name drugs.  Manufacturers of generic medications must show that the drug behaves in the same way as the original product.

4)    All people, and pets, are individuals and it is important to remember that unique responses can occur to EITHER generic drugs or the brand name medication.  Even though the active ingredient is the same, many generics will use different inert ingredients that could cause reactions in some animals.

5)    So, the most important thing to remember about these lower cost drugs is that your veterinarian is a crucial part of helping you understand if generics are right for your pet.

6)    Physical examinations and a valid veterinarian/client/patient relationship are required before any prescription can be offered.  If your pet has not been examined in the last year, itís highly unlikely any veterinarian will offer to write a prescription.

7)    Sometimes, blood work and lab tests are needed to gauge the effectiveness of the drug or monitor a disease process.  This is especially vital in the case of heartworms in dogs!

8)    With so many brands and alternatives, itís easy to become confused as to whatís best for your pet.  Let your veterinarian help you find the right medication that matches your petís needs.

9)    Veterinarians are committed to helping you find the right drug at a price that fits your budget.   Thatís our commitment to you as our trusted client.  

10)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.