Saturday, February 06, 2016

Care For Pets When Owners Are Gone

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog, Veterinary News Network 

It doesnít happen very often, but occasionally pets will either outlive their owners or the owners are unable to continue to provide for the animals needs.  Sleuth, the Reporter Dog, wondered what happens to these dogs and cats.

1)    Pets who outlive their owners are often given to relatives who may not have the means or the desire to care for an animal.  Sadly, some pets even end up in local animal shelters or in foster homes.

2)    A unique facility at Texas A&M University provides a new outlook on caring for pets who find themselves in this situation.  The Stevenson Companion Animal Life Care Center cares for pets whose owners have lost the ability to do so.

3)    Started by grant money and completely financially independent of the university, the Stevenson Center provides lifelong care for pets whose owners are unable to do so.

4)    Medical services are provided by the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and actual university students live in the home, 24/7, in order to provide companionship for the animals.

5)    Pets are not confined to cages or specific areas and actually mingle and socialize around the house or the five fenced yard areas.

6)    Cats are even allowed to come out and play with the dogs, but specific areas in the home are considered ďcat onlyĒ and no dogs are allowed!

7)    Itís certainly not fun to think about your pet going on without you, but this unique facility gives owners peace of mind that their beloved pets can live out their days, enjoying life to the fullest.

8)    Your veterinarian may also know of local rescues and shelters that specialize in this sort of care.  In any event, thinking about your petís well-being after you are gone is an important thing to do.

9)    If specific facilities like the Stevenson Center are not available to you, consider insuring for your petís future in your will.

10)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.