Saturday, February 13, 2016

Raw Food Diet Controversy

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog, VNN Mascot

What type of food do you prefer for your pets?  Sleuth likes nothing better than the brand his friends at the Veterinary News Network pick up for him during their weekly shopping trips!  Some pet owners though are using raw meat and homemade diets…is that okay?

1)    Purchasing pet food can be confusing.  There are so many brands, varieties and different types on the shelf.  The pet food companies are also VERY good at spending money to market their products to us!

2)    Because of a few recalls and a mistrust of corporations, some pet owners have opted to make homemade diets for their pets and many will include raw meat in the ingredients.

3)    Proponents of raw food diets say that their pets are healthier and get more nutrition from this type of food.

4)    Even though homemade food advocates believe this, these are only observations.  There is no scientific proof that supports or refutes what they are claiming.

5)    Pet food companies have many decades of experience and have done the necessary research and testing to insure that their diets are complete and balanced.  This means that your pet can receive the optimum nutrition from their products.

6)    It is more difficult, but not impossible to create a balanced diet for your pet at home.

7)    Although commercial dry food diets have been recalled for bacterial contamination, the risk of Salmonella issues is greater with raw diets, especially if cleaning steps are skipped.

8)    Before deciding on which diet is best for you and your pet, talk with your veterinarian about the risks and benefits of each type. 

9)    Also, don’t trust websites that are simply selling you a product or forums that won’t look objectively at all the data.

10)    Trust a site like to provide you with accurate and unbiased pet health information.