Monday, February 08, 2016

Do Generic Flea Products Meet Your Pets Needs?

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog

Sleuth really is irritated by fleas and ticks!!  Not only are they a nuisance, but they can cause some serious health issues, for the whole family!  So, Sleuth wanted to know if over the counter flea medications work the same as the great products found at the veterinary office.  Here’s what he and the Veterinary News Network found:

1)    Getting rid of fleas and ticks is something that you should always discuss with your veterinarian.  Even though “cheaper” flea meds are available, they might not be the best option for your individual pet.

2)    Even though ingredients may look the same on the package, there are “inert” ingredients that are specific and unique to each company.  These are generally safe, but any pet might have a unique reaction to them or the product may not work as well.

3)    These medications are scientific compounds, they are not “milk and eggs”.  There will rarely be anyone working at the grocery store or big box retailer who will fully understand the importance of preventing fleas and ticks.

4)    Since these parasites can spread some serious diseases, you should always remember that treatments for them should come from the expert in animal medical issues…the veterinarian.

5)    Not only does your veterinarian know your pet and his or her unique environment, the veterinary staff will keep accurate medical records to help detail any adverse reactions to medications your pet may have encountered in the past.

6)    Far too often, the unintentional misuse of flea products can harm pets.  Your veterinarian will take the time to teach you the proper use of these medications and how to spot potential problems.  You won’t get this from a display rack!

7)    Veterinarians also keep up to date on the latest technology and information to help their patients.  This includes understanding how these pesticides not only kill the bugs, but affect the pets as well.

8)    Even though the products in the stores are less expensive, your veterinarian may have options for products that control multiple parasites, thus saving you money.  Sometimes, you can even buy a single dose if that’s all you can afford.

9)    You trust your veterinarian for so much…fleas and ticks should be no different.  Ask thes staff for a product recommendation.

10)    For more trustworthy and accurate pet health information, visit or .