Saturday, February 06, 2016

Modern Horse Care

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Sleuth, VNN Reporter Dog

Sometimes, Sleuth wishes he was a Dalmatian so that he could run with horses…those animals fascinate him!  Sleuth asked the Veterinary News Network to share some information about how to best care for these magnificent creatures!

1)    Horses have helped shape our nation.  From their work on farms to providing transportation, they have been an important component of our country’s growth.

2)    Most horses today don’t need to work.  Some still do, others perform as superb athletes, but many live out their lives simply as cherished companions.

3)    Equine veterinarians are a vital part of your horse’s care.  Technological advances have improved their ability to care for your horse and help owners as well.

4)    Mobile equine hospitals can bring diagnostics and treatments right to the farm.  Even mobile x-rays are available!

5)    Modern, state of the art hospitals can help horses who need intensive care or who need to be isolated due to diseases like equine flu or equine herpesvirus

6)    Equine practitioners are very important whenever a horse comes up lame.  Understanding the unique anatomy is vital because horses often develop problems with their legs or gait.

7)    Proper dental care is also necessary.  Horses’ teeth are long and grow continuously.   Owners should also look to equine veterinarians for the care of their horses’ teeth .

8)    On occasion, some horses might need surgery.  Like small animal veterinarians, equine doctors have fully stocked surgery suites.  But, since the patient weighs more than 1000 lbs, the equipment is just a little bit bigger!

9)    Equine veterinarians are highly skilled and highly trained doctors that are devoted to the unique needs of both you and your horse.

10)    For more trustworthy and accurate pet health information, visit or .