Saturday, February 13, 2016

Online Pet Pharmacies - Saving Money or Risk to Your Pets?

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Sleuth the VNN Reporter Dog

Where do you get your petís medications?  Sleuth knows that there are good deals out there, but his friends at the Veterinary News Network think that your veterinarian is probably the best option for safe, effective and reputable pet meds.

1)    Pet owners are busy and budget-conscious, just like everyone else.  Thatís why online pet pharmacies seem to be so popular.  However,  pet owners should be aware of the pitfalls and concerns of using an online store for your petís medication needs.

2)    First, a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) needs to be established.  This means your veterinarian needs to see your pet at least once a year in order to dispense medications.

3)    If the online store offers to send you drugs without a prescription, stay away!   This is a big red flag warning that the site is probably not reputable.

4)    Likewise, having a current VCPR means that you and your veterinarian are in good communication and up-to-date on your petís healthcare needs.  An Internet pharmacy may not know all the important details of your petís lifestyle and health.

5)    Some pets donít react to the same drugs in the same way.  Your veterinarian is only a phone call away and more likely to provide immediate assistance than a distant website.

6)    In fact, some web pharmacies donít even list a phone number for contact, only email.  This is another red flag that the site isnít concerned about your pet.

7)    Your veterinarian and veterinary team know you and your whole pet family.  They can help guide you towards safe and effective medications with everyoneís best interest in mind.

8)    In fact, many veterinarians now offer their very own online pharmacies.  These are great places to get affordable pet medications from a source you know and trust.

9)    If you have questions about your petís medication costs, ask your veterinarian.   Open and honest communication is the best key for avoiding misunderstandings about money.

10)    For more trustworthy and accurate pet health information, visit or .