Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Top Pet Related Websites

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Sleuth, the VNN Mascot!

Sleuth wants to know if you have seen the latest video showing the Bulldog who rides a skateboard.  How about Keyboard Cat?  There’s lots of animals and animal related advice on the Internet, but how do you know what sites are trustworthy and best for you and your pet?

1)    With more than 73 million households owning pets, Internet searches for pet related information, products and entertainment is at an all time high.

2)    When researching your pet’s health online, remember that NOTHING can take the place of your veterinarian’s physical examination.   This is key and often legally necessary.

3)    When you do take time to look online, start with your veterinarian’s website or even Facebook page.  Join their social network to keep up to date on all things animal!

4)    Look for sites that are affiliated with national animal or veterinary organizations or that have information from experienced veterinarians.

5)    Be wary of sites that try to provide answers to you, but then recommend that you buy “their” product to solve the issue.  It’s clear, their answers are biased!

6)    Many breeders and trainers might have some good, SPECIFIC knowledge of certain breeds or behavior.  BUT, they should not be providing health advice about pets online!

7)    We encourage all pet owners to shop locally, but there are many sites that provide brand name pet toys and other products at great prices. is just one example.

8)    Similarly, when considering adopting a new pet, look at local rescues and animal shelters.  They are always in need of foster homes, “forever home” and volunteers to help them with their work.

9)    If you aren’t sure about a specific site, ask your veterinarian.  He or she will often be able to tell you if the site is legitimate or simply out to get your money.

10)    For more trustworthy and accurate pet health information, visit or .