Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Veterinarians Call for Solutions to Production Animal Cruelty

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog 

Sleuth the Reporter Dog is generally a happy, go-lucky sort of pup!  But, nothing gets his hackles raised faster than the thought of animal cruelty and abuse.  Unfortunately, some uneducated employees of a few farms seem to think that hurting animals is no big deal!  Luckily for us, Sleuth sent the Veterinary News Network to discover the true story of our nation’s farms.

1)    More than 96% of Americans eat some form of meat, egg or dairy products daily.  Our farms help provide healthy animal protein to North America and to the world.

2)    Occasionally, undercover videos surface of horrific acts of cruelty perpetrated by untrained and probably sadistic individuals.  Thankfully, this sort of situation is an extreme aberration and the vast majority of animal producers in our country treat their livestock with care and compassion.

3)    Animal lovers, animal producers and, of course, veterinarians have expressed extreme outrage whenever these acts surface and have condemned the actions of these people.

4)    As experts in humane animal care, veterinarians work closely with animal producers to ensure proper handling of animals, proper care and, when necessary, proper euthanasia procedures.

5)    Producers are highly trained and extremely dedicated people who devote untold hours to the proper care of their animals.  We really take for granted how healthy and safe our food supply is and we rarely see these devoted individuals working tirelessly to make sure the products are always there for us.

6)    Training programs are available for use on the farm or can be completed on-line as well.  To meet our changing population, these programs are available in both English and in Spanish. 

7)    Examples of these programs include the Animal Care Training system through the Beef Cattle Institute, the National Dairy’s Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM)) program and the Beef Quality Assurance Feedlot Self-Assessment tools.

8)    When veterinarians and animal producers work together the outcome is always positive.  Better, more efficient production, healthier animals, healthier people and a healthier planet.

9)    For more trustworthy and accurate pet health information, visit www.MyVNN.com or www.PetDocsOnCall.com .