Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Wobblers Syndrome - More Than Just A Pain in the Neck!

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Sometimes our owners aren’t always aware of the subtle signs that us pets show when we aren’t feeling well.  Limping or vomiting is a pretty clear cut sign, but what about the pet who doesn’t want to play?  In some big dog breeds, it could be the sign of a very serious condition!

1) Lots of people love purebred dogs.  The love the looks, the personality and the mystique of these canines.  But, purebreds can come with some serious issues.

2) Great Danes and Dobermans are prone to a condition known as “Wobbler’s Syndrome”.  This problem is named this way because of how the pets will often “wobble” when they walk. 

3) The technical term for Wobblers is Cervical Vertebral Instability.  It means that the last few vertebrae in the neck aren’t stable and are causing pressure to the spinal cord.

4) Since this is often a slow process, many owners don’t realize that their pets are uncomfortable.  On occasion, a sudden head shake can spark pain and even an inability to use a leg or two!

5) This is a serious condition that left unattended will eventually cause paralysis and probably early euthanasia.

6) A surgery that removes the top of the vertebrae and then allows the muscles to reattach is the only successful treatment.

7) Some alternative treatments, like gold bead implantation with acupuncture, have been suggested, but no evidence exists that this works.

8) This problem perfectly illustrates the importance of pet owners to be aware of their pet’s normal routines. Then, anything out of the ordinary will cause the owner to wonder if their pet needs to be seen.

9) Understand what is normal appearance and behavior is crucial.  Please ask your veterinarian if you have ANY concerns about your pet.

10) For more trustworthy and accurate pet health information, visit www.MyVNN.com or www.PetDocsOnCall.com .