Friday, February 12, 2016

TICKing Time Bomb - Is Lyme Disease Increasing in Dogs Too?

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog hates ticks!  They look gross, they’re creepy and worst of all, they can spread some pretty serious diseases.  Thankfully, Sleuth know that he can count on his veterinarian to provide some timely advice that will keep him safe from these pests!

1) Ticks are blood sucking parasites that can carry of host of diseases to both people and pets.  The best known of these diseases is Lyme Disease.

2) Our dogs and our horses are susceptible to Lyme Disease and the illness often manifests as joint pain, recurrent lameness or even lethargy.

3) Thankfully, the disease is not contagious between dogs or even between dogs and people.  The nasty tick is the only way to get this quiet disease.

4) Lyme cases in humans are on the upswing in many areas of the country as the specific tick species that carry the bacteria causing Lyme disease expand their reach.

5) Some experts believe that canine cases are increasing as well because dogs are outdoors much more than people and many pets aren’t tested for Lyme Disease.

6) An in-house test kit is available at your veterinarian.  It can help determine any exposure your pet has had to Lyme Disease bearing ticks.

7) The good news is that we have many safe products, including topical medications and preventive collars that can help kill ticks before they spread the disease.

8) There is even a vaccine that can help protect dogs that live in tick infested areas or that are at high-risk of contracting the disease.

9) Ask your veterinarian about the best methods of tick control and how you can help keep your pet safe from a “tick”ing time bomb!

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