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Pet Dentistry without Sedation - Worthwhile or Is it Just Surface Changes?

Pet owners are often very leery of anesthetic procedures for their pets.  This concern could cause them to forego routine dental cleaning of their pet’s teeth.  A new fad, pet dentistry without sedation, is quickly becoming popular across the country.  But, does this “safer” procedure really benefit the pet? What are the long-term effects?  Read this article to learn how pet owners might be risking their pet’s dental health.

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Can An Ear Implant Save a Dogs Life?

Ear cropping is considered unnecessary and cruel in today’s modern society.  Only a handful of breeds still allow cropped ears in the breed standard.  Still, hundreds of dogs every year show up in breed rescues with deformed and ugly ears from surgeries that went bad.  And, adopting or foster families often pass over these pets because of their bad looks.  Read how the inventor of Neuticles has created an implant that may help some of these homeless dogs find their forever homes.

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Insulin Alert Troubles Owners of Diabetic Pets

An alert citing potential problems with a popular insulin for pets was recently issued by the FDA and the product’s manufacturer.  Sadly, amidst a flurry of news stories about pets being diagnosed with H1N1, this important alert may have gotten lost.  Many pet owners only found out that the insulin is not widely available anymore when they needed refills from the veterinarian.  What’s the best way to stay informed about these kinds of stories?  Thankfully, many veterinarians are turning to social media in order to communicate with their clients.  Read how being “Facebook Friends” with your veterinarian could help keep you in the loop!

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Pets Gone Wild!

Like unruly children, some days it feels as if our pets are purposefully testing our patience with their antics.  Behavior issues are becoming more commonplace as presenting complaints at veterinary hospitals while owners look for help in the form of medication they can give their pets.  But, is it possible that we are over-medicating our pets?  Is there a better way to resolve some of these behavior problems?  Read this article to find out what veterinary behaviorists have to say about “pill popping pets”.

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New Pets Help Families in a Changing World

There is no doubt that when times are tough, families bond together to make the best of the situation.  And, sometimes a new cute and fuzzy four legged family member can help make rough times more bearable!  Whether you choose a purebred kitten from a breeder or an adorable mixed breed puppy from a rescue group, there are a few things you will want to know to keep your new friend happy and healthy.  Watch this video to learn how our furry companions actually relieve stress and bring joy to their homes!

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Forgotten Felines - The Feral Cats

We are a nation that loves cats.  More than 80 million share our homes and our lives.  But, we often forget about an unseen population of cats that could be larger and has far fewer admirers.   Feral cats live on the edge of our society, in alleyways and abandoned buildings.  Often thought to have short and violent lives, these cats have become the center of controversies that pit animal lover against animal lover.  Watch this video to learn how one group is looking to change the future for these forgotten felines.

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Shedding Pounds With Our Pets

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that it can be an uphill battle without the right type of support.  Finding the right motivation to exercise and shed those pounds is hard in our busy lives.  But, what if you could find a partner who would always encourage you and provide a unique type of support?  Read this article to find out how people and pets exercising together provides some pretty special benefits and can help make both of you healthier

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Danger in Our Own Backyards

Seeing a deer feeding in your backyard is a special treat for many people, but as we continue to develop communities in formerly “wild” areas, are we putting ourselves and our pets at risk?  Many wild animals can transmit some serious diseases.  Deer often harbor deer ticks carrying Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.   Raccoons and skunks are important reservoirs of rabies and even deadly parasites.  Watch this video for tips on how you can keep your family and your pets safe from dangers in our backyards!

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Feline Food Controversy Confounds Cat Lovers

For many cat owners, filling their cat’s bowl with a high quality dry food is an easy way to help keep their pet healthy.  But now, some experts are concerned about the role commercial diets play in the epidemics of feline obesity, diabetes, and urinary problems.  Is it possible that canned foods could be a better option for our cats?  Read this story to find out how the debate got started and what some veterinarians are recommending for their cat clients.

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Pet Health Savings Plans

Unfortunately, when it comes to our pet’s health, finances play a very big role.  Despite the fact that veterinary medicine is a good value, traumatic injury or serious illness can hit your wallet hard.  Sadly, when owners can’t pay, the pet usually pays, with his or her life.  Thankfully, there is hope!  Pet health savings plans are a new idea that gives pet owners another option for saving money and saving their pet’s life.  Watch this video to learn how Pet Health Savings Plans might be the answer you are looking for.

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