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Do Generic Flea Products Meet Your Pets Needs?

In recent months, brand new "generic" over the counter flea medications have found their way into many grocery stores and big box retail outlets.  Many of these compounds compare themselves to well known brands available through your veterinarian and claim that you can get the same protection at half the price.  Now, we all want to save money AND we all want to keep our pets safe from those pesky fleas and ticks, but is there any risk to buying your pet's flea products from a display rack?  Watch this video for a few tips on choosing the right flea protection.

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Modern Horse Care

There is something absolutely majestic and awe-inspiring about the sight of horses galloping across an open field.  These amazing animals have provided us with transportation and labor for thousands of years, yet many people still don't fully understand how delicate horses are.  In today's age of technological innovations, the modern equine veterinarian stands ready to help both horses and their caring owners.   Watch this video to learn more!

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Online Pet Pharmacies - Saving Money or Risk to Your Pets?

It sure SEEMS like it would be less of a hassle...ordering your pet's medications from your living room and laptop computer.  But, how much do you know about these online pet pharmacies?  Which ones are reputable and which ones should be avoided?  Watch this video for tips on spotting the bad sites and ideas for how you and your veterinarian can work together to make sure your pet gets the right medications and the best care.

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Top Pet Related Websites

From skateboarding dogs to dancing cockatoos and a "Keyboard Cat", we love to watch the antics of our animals online.  Animal related videos and  pet information websites are some of the most popular destinations on the Internet.   But, with thousands of pet related websites out there, how do you know which ones can be trusted?  Watch this video to learn a few tips about spotting the best pet and animal related websites!

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Veterinarians Call for Solutions to Production Animal Cruelty

We don't think too often about where most of our food comes from or even how the animals are treated.  But, when cases of abuses hit the media spotlight, it causes all of us to wonder for a moment about the humane care of our nation's livestock.  Individuals who mistreat and abuse production animals should be condemned for their actions and also prosecuted under existing laws.  But, is there more to this situtation?  Can we stop this sort of cruelty from happening?  Watch this VNN SPECIAL REPORT and learn how veterinarians and livestock producers are already working together to prevent future abuse.

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The Down and Dirty on Fleas!

Everyone knows that fleas can be a major nuisance, but, what's the best way to get rid of these pests?  Fleas reproduce very rapidly and have been known to carry a variety of diseases and parasites, so it is important to understand how to break their life cycle.  Treating the pets to kill the adult fleas is essential, but you must also attack the remaining 95% of fleas living in the environment.  Watch this video for a few tips and tricks about keeping fleas away from your pets!

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Wobblers Syndrome - More Than Just A Pain in the Neck!

Many large breed or giant breed dogs are a picture of muscular grace and power.  Bred to hunt powerful wild game or herd animals many times larger than themselves, these dogs are often very loyal and family oriented too.  But, sadly, there is a condition in some large breed dogs that can, quite literally, knock them off their feet.  The medical term is cervical vetebral instability, but many Great Dane and Doberman owners know it simply as "Wobbler's".  Watch this video to learn how one family had to cope with this very serious and life-threatening issue.

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TICKing Time Bomb - Is Lyme Disease Increasing in Dogs Too?

We have all seen reports of increasing cases of Lyme Disease in people, but what about our canine friends?  Since they spend more time outdoors and are often fond of running through high grass or brush, our dogs might be at a higher risk for contracting this tick borne illness.  Symptoms can be mild, such as joint pain or arthritis or cases can become severe if the bacteria attacks the pet's heart or nervous system.  Watch this video to find out what you can do to keep your dogs safe from the "ticking" time bomb of Lyme Disease!

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Are Heartworms Winning the War?

For years, pet owners have protected their pets from deadly heartworms with safe and effective monthly medications.  But persistent rumors and stories of dogs testing positive for the parasite despite regular preventive use continued to haunt veterinarians and pet owners.  Now, new evidence shows that there is a strain of heartworms showing slight resistantance to some current heartworm medications.  Watch this video to learn what veterinarians are recommending and how to keep the heartworms from winning the war! 

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Putting Pet Insurance to the Test

In today's world, divisive opinions seem to be the norm, even when it comes to our pets' health.  Take pet insurance for example...some consumer groups think its not worth the premiums but pet health experts believe its necessary to save animals from economic euthanasia.  What should a thrifty pet owner believe?   Watch this video to learn how several pet insurance companies fared when put to the test with a real world case.

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