Thursday, February 11, 2016

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Unlicensed Dentistry for Pets is Illegal and Harmful!

Some people call it "anesthesia free pet dentistry", others refer to it as "standing dentals"...but the true term is non-anesthetic dental scalings and it may not be as safe as providers want you to believe.  Playing on fears some have about anesthetizing their pets, these unlicensed individuals remove tarter from pets' teeth, but do they actually perform a service that is helping your pet?   Watch this video to find out why the American Animal Hospital Association says that this service "makes your pet's teeth whiter, but not healthier"!

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Is a Trust Fund Right For Your Pet?

Losing a pet is a tragic loss for any pet owner, but have you ever consider the ramifications of your pet losing you?  When owners are unable to care for their animals due to disability or even death, what will happen to a beloved dog or cat?  Close friends or relatives may be unwilling or unable to care for your pet and most people don't relish the thought of their animals languishing in a shelter.  Thanks to changes in most state laws, owners can now consider setting up a "pet trust" for their furry companions.  Read how caring for our pets after we are gone has changed over the centuries.

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Care For Pets When Owners Are Gone

Have you ever considered what will happen to your pets after you can no longer take care of them?  Will your pet find it's way to a rescue or shelter or are you anticipating that a family member will be willing and able to provide for your pet's needs when you are gone?  The Stevenson Companion Animal Life Care Center, at Texas A&M University, provides a unique alternative to relying on relatives or even your local shelter for your pet's care.  Watch this video to see how this special home provides everything a pet could ever want for the duration of their life!

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Holiday Decorations and Plants Could Cause a Pet Emergency!

The sights and sounds of the holiday season are truly a treat for all of our senses.   Sadly, those same decorations and plants that we use to brighten our homes pose some degree of danger for our pets.  From mistletoe and holly to the tinsel and ornaments on our tree, there are many hazards at this time of year that pet owners often overlook.   Since most people would rather spend their holiday with family and friends instead of in the animal ER, take a few moments to read our latest article on Preventing Holiday Pet Emergencies!

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Pets and Holiday Foods Often Lead to Big Problems!

This is the time of year when family and friends gather to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.  Unfortunately, in our desire to share the happiness with our dogs and cats, some pet owners accidentally cause a holiday emergency.  Many of the foods that are favored by households during the festivities can actually be very dangerous to our pets.   Chocolates, fatty foods and even some of the spices we use in preparing our meals can lead to big problems.  Watch this video to learn how to avoid a holiday trip to the animal ER!

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Raw Food Diet Controversy

In any discussion about pet foods, people are going to bring up their favorite brands and quote many different reasons WHY they like that particular food.  Are these folks simply following the a multi-million dollar ad campaign?  Some pet owners have opted to make homemade diets for their pets, including the use of raw meat?   Is this type of food better or safer for our animals?   Watch this video to learn how you can determine the best type of food to feed your four legged critters!

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Cats Often Overlooked for Veterinary Care

From Siamese and Persians to the outdoor barn kitty, Americans love our cats!   With more than 80 million felines being pampered in homes across the country, our cat friends have become the #1 pet in the nation.  Since they are so popular, it would be easy to think that our cats are probably given everything that they could want or need.   Unfortunately, studies show that cats are much less likely to be given proper veterinary care than our dog friends...why is this?   Watch this video to learn the answers of why cats get lower care!

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Protecting Your Pets Vision - Veterinary Ophthalmology

When you look into your pet's eyes, what should you see?  Most people would say they might see a scheming cat planning her next outrageous stunt or a sad puppy dog, begging for that last piece of pizza!  For all the expressions we see in our pet's eyes, it's important to understand just how delicate and prone to injury the eyes really are.  Veterinarians see everything from minor scratches and irritation to severe blindness or even cataracts.  When the eye issue becomes complex, many pets are referred to their own eye care specialist...the Veterinary Ophthalmologist.  Watch this video to see the pet eye doctors in action!

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Itchy Pets Are Miserable Pets!

Itchy pets can be a source of frustration for many owners, but certainly the pets aren't enjoying it either!!  Many pets go through an "itch-scratch" cycle that gets worse and worse each year, especially during warmer weather.   Flea medications don't seem to help and owners get tired of hearing the poor dog licking and chewing and scratching for relief.  What could cause this sort of problem?   The answer is a funny sounding word...ATOPY.

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Top Products to Help Pets and Help Pets Have Fun!

From webpages online to catalogs and even grocery store shelves, products for our pets are showing up everywhere.  Pet owners have literally hundreds of thousands of choices when it comes to finding play items, grooming needs and even products that help with behavior issues.  But, how do you know what is a GOOD product and which ones should be left alone?   Take a few moments to watch this video and see some Top Pet Products recommended by veterinarians!

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