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Veterinary Emergency Teams

We all know what heroes our first responders are...from floods to fires and explosions to avalanches, police, fire crews and emergency medical technicians put themselves in harm's way to help those who can't help themselves.  What you might not know is that veterinarians are often called to disaster scenes as well.  Beyond handling animal injuries, these Veterinary Emergency Teams help keep military and working dogs safe, monitor public health issues and help avert outbreaks of serious zoonotic diseases.  Watch this video to learn how our veterinarians are preventing harm wherever disaster strikes!

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Search and Rescue Dogs - Canine Heroes!

We all feel admiration for any first responder who rushes towards the danger of natural disasters or other catastrophic events instead of away from the hazard.  What many people don't know is that there are four legged first responders who work with their human partners during these tragic events.   Read this article to learn how Search and Rescue Dogs are a vital component of any incident command and how their special skills lead towards finding lost souls and saving lives!

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The Confusing World of Pet Parasite Prevention

Keeping our pets free from zoonotic parasites, like hookworms and roundworms and keeping them safe from deadly heartworms is important to all pet owners.   But, in recent years, changes to parasite prevention products have generated confusion among pet owners.  People may wonder if the generic brands are safe or what happened to brand name preventives that they previously used.  Read this article to understand how your veterinarian can help you find the product to keep your pet and your whole family safe.

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The Silent Epidemic Affecting Our Pets

An epidemic is killing our pets, but it's not from a new infectious disease or even from resistant parasites.  This insidious killer works more slowly, over months and years, robbing our dogs and cats of health, vitality and even longevity.  The bigger problem in all of this is there is a disconnect between veterinarians and pet owners about this very common problem.  What could possibly be so serious yet  so misunderstood?  The answer, of course, is the increasing number of overweight and obese this video to learn more about keeping your pet at a healthy weight.

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Pet Poisonings Often Happen at Home!

According to the APSCA Animal Poison Control Center and to Pet Poison Helpline, hundreds of thousands of our dogs and cats are poisoned each year!  While you might think this is the work of a madman, the unfortunate reality is that most of these ill-fated occurrences happen in a place where the pet should be safe...our own homes!  Read this story to understand what kind of things in your home are poisonous and how you can help prevent a costly trip to the animal ER!

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Feeding Bones is an Expensive Gamble

Dogs and bones...they go together like peanut butter and jelly, right?   Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that has often led to serious problems for many of our canine friends.  Despite what proponents of the bones and raw food diets proclaim, there are serious risks associated with feeding bones to our pups.  Fractured teeth, gum problems, lodged bone shards and even serious life-threatening obstructions of the digestive tract are routinely seen by veterinarians.  So, before you decide to give your dog that bone, watch this video to learn more about the serious hazards these treats can cause.

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What is a Responsible Pet Owner?

As pets have become more entrenched in our homes and have actually become true members of the family, the question naturally arises as to what constitutes proper care for these four legged, furry bundles of affection.  Most state and local laws require that pet owners provide the appropriate food, water and veterinary medical care, but is that enough?  What other things do our pets need?  Read this story to find out how we can be better, more responsible pet owners and just maybe keep some pets from ending up in a shelter.

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Pets Need Dental Care Too!

Dental disease is the most common diagnosis among adult dogs and cats, yet many pet owners know little to nothing about the best ways to treat and even prevent this serious problem.  Like their owners, our pets can suffer from periodontal disease, serious gingivitis or a whole other host of dental abnormalities.  The worst part of all of this is that most pets will suffer in silence as dental disease can be very painful!  Watch this video to learn about a complete pet dental assessment, treatment and prevention and how your veterinarian can help you keep your pet's teeth and mouth healthy.

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Cryosurgery - Icy Cold Handiwork

Imagine a procedure where your pet's warts, skin tags and even cancerous growths could be removed from his or her skin without the need for anesthetic and is also practically painless and bloodless.  It might sound futuristic, but the reality is that many veterinarians are now turning to Cryosurgery to help remove unwanted skin growths from our pets.  Although the technique is not new, modern tools and delivery devices now make it easier for your veterinarian to use extreme cold to help heal your pets!

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Gift Ideas for Your Pets

Pets have become such an integral part of our families...we provide the best foods, highest quality medical care and even share our beds with them.  It should come as no surprise to learn that a majority of pet owners will provide gifts for their pets during special occasions.  From birthdays to the holidays, the odds of your pet receiving a special present are pretty good. do you pick out a fun and safe gift for your four legged friend?

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