Wednesday, February 10, 2016

VNN Member Testimonials

Dr. Michele Smith“VNN has been extremely valuable to our hospital. VNN helped me
get on our local TV news and I use many of the VNN stories for that
segment. I also see great benefit in the media training I’ve received
along the way. This proved invaluable in a media crisis situation that
could have been disastrous. I called Dr. Humphries and received
immediate and experienced advice on how to handle the situation –
where else could I have turned for that? I believe VNN is a significant
asset to our practice.”

Michelle Smith, DVM
VNN Member, Denver, CO
“When I am called upon by local media to contribute my expertise to a pet-related news story, I always turn to my VNN resources first to
research the topic and to prepare my comments. It costs a lot of payroll
dollars for an employee (or myself) to research and write these
stories. Paying $1 a day for this membership will allow my staff to
quickly produce quality communication that promotes advances in
animal medicine and highlights current issues.”

Steve Hotchkiss, DVM, CVJ
VNN Member, Fort Worth, TX
Dr. Brian Hurley “VNN has been so valuable to us in both local media and our entry into
social media. With guidance and content from VNN, our Facebook page
has become our best marketing tool. It helps us communicate with
clients 24/7, rather than only at yearly appointment time, and is
contributing to our bottom line. Thank you, VNN.”

Brian Hurley, DVM, CVJ
VNN Member, Gardner, MA
Dr. Krista Gibson“Starting a new practice is difficult enough, but thanks to VNN I knew
I could count on professional ideas for approaching traditional media
sources about my new business. VNN helped me get a regular TV gig,
which continues to build my practice. In addition, VNN’s ‘new’ social
media guides have helped make me a popular part of Facebook
and Twitter!” 

Krista Gibson, DVM
VNN Member, Scottsdale, AZ

Dr Brian Voynick “I’ve been involved with our local media for more than 12 years and still
find new ideas and topics to discuss through VNN resources. These
great stories and message points not only help me prepare for my
weekly TV show, but also help our staff stay current. When we took our
first tentative steps into social media, VNN was there to help guide our
way! VNN is always available for me, and my staff, with prompt and
professional answers whenever the local or national media calls.”

Brian Voynick, DVM, CVA
VNN Member, Randolph, NJ
 Dr. Jim Hammon, CVJ“The media training received through Dr. Humphries has been
incredibly valuable. This training and the continuous infusion of ideas
from VNN helped us address and ultimately defeat a proposed rabies
vaccination tax that would have negatively impacted Tennessee pet
owners. In addition, the library of news stories and message points on
the VNN Web site helps us remain relevant and current as we prepare
for our weekly TV appearances addressing pet care topics on our
local NBC morning show!”

Randy Hammon, DVM
Jim Hammon, DVM, CVJ
VNN Members, Chattanooga, TN

“VNN is a tremendous service for the veterinary profession. In my
40 years as a veterinarian, I’ve seen many inaccurate news articles
where veterinarians were never quoted or interviewed. VNN helps
us fight these inaccuracies and teaches us how. The VNN seminars
have been invaluable in increasing my confidence when dealing with
news reporters.”

Patricia Kennedy-Arrington, DVM
VNN Member, Louisville, KY 

“Where else can a veterinarian or veterinary hospital find all of
this media information and media training so readily available?
And the time-savings? Phenomenal! Thanks, VNN. You have made
sharing pet health topics with our clients and community a WHOLE
lot easier!

Noah's Animal Hospitals
VNN Member, Indianapolis, IN

I am very proud of my affiliation with VNN. VNN has been a huge and valuable resource for me as a veterinarian who regularly appears on TV, both on scheduled live segments on our CBS affiliate and as the "go to " person for last minute taped segments for our NBC affiliate.  I am also an expert witness for the Sullivan County's DA's office on animal cruelty cases and having the kind of resource material VNN has available when I am prepping for grand jury statements (and possibly in the near future, court appearances on a massive animal cruelty case) or even just acting as a consulting expert is simply... too valuable for words!  It all comes back to having a thorough and easy resource available for quick fact checking, for staying up to date on the latest news, for getting quick and easy message points on a given topic,  and simply as a great aid to keeping on top of this rapidly changing field we call veterinary medicine!

Kate Zimmerman, DVM
VNN Member, Tennessee

I want to say thanks to VNN for making the connections which enabled me to write and publish my first book!  With some luck, it will lead to others, hopefully in Spanish, which is much needed.

I am glad I joined VNN!

Marta Sanchez-Emdem,, DVM, CVA, CCRP, CVJ
VNN Member, Florida

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