Sunday, February 07, 2016


VNN Reporter Websites  Dr. Zeltzman produces a weekly email newsletter that reaches across the US, Canada, and even overseas!  Dr. Zeltzman practices in Pennsylvania.  Dr. Patty Khuly keeps pet owners, pet lovers, veterinarians and staff in the know with her keen wit, sharp intellect and unique writing style.  Sign up to receive her blog in your email inbox!  Dr. Khuly is practicing in Miami, Florida.  Dr. Carol Osborne has been seen on television and has started her own anti-aging products for pets.   She also maintains a blog on her site.  Dr. Osborne is located in Chagrin Falls, OH, just outside of Cleveland.  Dr. Mitsie Vargas has maintained a blog on her hospital website as well as the local "Polk Voice" newspaper site.  Dr. Vargas lives in Winter Haven, Florida.  Dr. Brian Hurley and his staff maintain this lively website.  Using VNN materials, links to social media and pictures of their cute patients, Dr. Hurley's site is a popular destination for the pet owners of Massachusetts and beyond.

Helpful Websites  This is our webhosting service.   Take a look at their site to see numerous other sites that are all well-crafted and eye-catching.  This webhosting service is in San Diego, CA and hosts our site for the American Society of Veterinary Journalism.

Veterinary Websites  This, of course, is a great place to get client and staff education about heartworms.  This is the public website of the Companion Animal Parasite Council.   To go see their professional site, visit

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