Saturday, February 06, 2016
Fast Facts:

  • Founded in 2005, VNN is a national network of hundreds of veterinarians and animal health professionals who use VNN-produced resources in both traditional and online media to distribute news stories about current pet health issues and advances in veterinary care. 
  • VNN members are also media trained and equipped for urgent or breaking news in animal health issues. 
  • VNN was started an educational grant from Merial.  VNN is now a member-supported organization.
  • VNN is endorsed by the American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives (ASVMAE), American Society of Veterinary Journalists (ASVJ) and Morris Animal Foundation
  • VNN content is non-commercial, accurate and trustworthy.
  • All audio/video is produced and owned by VNN. Attribution is “Courtesy of Veterinary News Network”. 
  • VNN has produced over 120 animal health news stories as of January 2011.
  • Two new customizable news packages are available each month.  These packages include written articles, media talking points, video reports and even the ability to customize the video into personal vblogs. 
  • VNN stories are carried on many in-clinic networks, syndicated television and radio programs, as well as web and social media sites including:
  • Pet Care TV Network
  • emebaVet
  • USA Radio (Daybreak USA)
  • Your Life TV
  • (search MyVNN)
  • Facebook (approx 150 Facebook Pages)
  • Twitter
  • The VetMatrix network of Hospitals
  • The VetNetwork Hospital websites
  • The Texas Farm Bureau Radio Network
  • 2006 - VNN generated more than 66 million consumer impressions
  • 2007 - VNN generated more than 250 million consumer impressions
  • 2008 - VNN generated more than 650 million consumer impressions
  • 2009 - VNN generated more than 700 million consumer impressions
  • 2010 - VNN generated more than 730 million consumer impressions
  • 2011 - VNN generated more than 820 million consumer impressions!

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