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How is VNN funded?
VNN was initially funded by an educational grant graciously provided by Merial and is now a partly member-funded organization.
VNN is endorsed by the American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives (ASVMAE), American Society of Veterinary Journalists (ASVJ) and the Morris Animal Foundation.

Who is a VNN member?
VNN members are animal health professionals who use local news or online media to educate and promote veterinary practice. Veterinary members are Doctors of Veterinary Medicine who may have positions as a specialty reporter in local media outlets or a wide variety of online content. Each veterinary member has access to a wide range of expert media training in order to develop the special talents needed in today's changing media world.  Each member develops their own relationship with local media or online publication and is completely independent. 

How can I locate a VNN member in my area?
You can find a VNN member by clicking on the “Find A Member” tab on our Web site and selecting your state, or by contacting VNN directly at 719-495-2100 or 317-281-8658 or email

Do VNN members or journalists pay for VNN materials?
Yes, members pay annual dues.  VNN resources, materials and services are provided at a reduced rate due to partial funding from educational grants. VNN members also have access to reduced rate video production for web or commercial productions. 

Who produces and owns the content on VNN videos?
All audio and video content is produced and owned by VNN and is available only to VNN members and State Veterinary Medical Associations.

How should VNN videos be attributed when used in news broadcasts?
Because all footage in VNN videos is produced and owned by VNN, these videos can be attributed by your station as “Courtesy of Veterinary News Network.” 

Who determines story content? 
The overriding factor on story production is “what is newsworthy”.  VNN’s staff of veterinarians, researchers and writers determine what stories will be produced.  VNN's Board of Advisors also plays a key role in story selection and content. 

What is the main benefit of VNN?
The Public.  There if far to much questionable and outright incorrect information transmitted by questionable or self-appointed experts in today's media.  By having veterinarians consistently provide media with accurate, well-produced news items, we are raising the level of education among pet owners.  In this way, VNN can effectively advance the interests of veterinarians and pet owners nationwide.  For a complete list of benefits of VNN Membership, visit our About Us page.

Who do I contact for more information about VNN?

Dr. Jim Humphries, BS, DVM, CVJ
President and News Director
Veterinary News Network
11605 Meridian Market View
#124 Box 310
Falcon, CO  80831

Fax: 1-719-495-8610

For member relations and management issues contact Thomas Dock.

Mr. Thomas Dock, CVJ
Managing Editor
Veterinary News Network

Fax: 1-719-495-8610

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