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New Media Has Arrived to Empower Veterinarians Across the Country

New Media Has Arrived to Empower Veterinarians Across the Country

Become the reliable animal care expert in your community

DENVER –January 31, 2007 – For many veterinarians across the country, marketing one’s practice can be costly and incredibly time-consuming. From basic advertising in local papers to rounding up referrals to build your database of patients, growing a veterinary practice can be frustrating and leave you with less time to do what you do best, care for animals. Veterinary News Network provides a solution – putting veterinarians in front of thousands of pet-owners through traditional and new media outlets

VNN is a FREE service for veterinarians used to help them get involved with their local news media to provide much needed expert medical advice to the public. VNN specializes in producing and distributing complete news packages for its national network of veterinarians. By providing content that is medically accurate and reliable, veterinarians can deliver these stories to their local media through, print, TV, radio, Internet blogs and other appropriate outlets.

News media coverage, not advertising, is often viewed as the most credible source of marketing to the general public because it’s not commercial. Today, the news media comes in all forms. From local television news to Web blogs, people get their information from many sources. Veterinarians who join VNN receive the resources they need to reach local pet owners and potential new clients across many mediums as animal care experts.

"I have recently joined an extremely progressive team of veterinarians and I appreciate the visibility that VNN allows,” said Tiffany Rule, DVM, who practices Countryside Veterinary Hospital in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. “VNN has helped me publish articles in surrounding towns and I’ve found pet owners want to go to the practice and see the doctor who wrote the article they read over their morning coffee. It just makes sense to become a VNN reporter!"

“Veterinarians across the country have the power to deliver reliable news content to their local media outlets and become that reliable source of expert information,” said Dr. Humphries. “The goal of VNN is to encourage veterinarians to use their local media to increase the amount of accurate animal health care advice and information the public receives. The more veterinary reporters that VNN has, the more successful we will be in reaching our goal.”

VNN makes it easy. According to Dr. Humphries, the VNN resources are designed to save busy doctors time. “They can simply customize the resources and send them to their local media outlets.”

The VNN project was made possible by an educational grant from the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC) and is currently funded by Merial. WVC is also the host conference for VNN’s annual meeting and awards banquet. The support that WVC and Merial contribute to VNN ensures that veterinarians do not have to pay to join VNN and access its resources, materials and services.

VNN is currently made up of nearly 300 reporters across the U.S. and Canada. Collectively, VNN reporters reached more than 66 million viewers in its first year in service. To find out more information about VNN, or to learn more about becoming a contributing reporter, please visit or call 719-495-2100.

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VNN is a national network of veterinarians and selected affiliate reporters who use VNN produced resources to broadcast local news stories about current issues and advances in animal medicine. The network provides a highly professional source of newsworthy television, radio and print stories for use by its reporters. For more information, go to

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