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Veterinary News Network Makes Pet Stories a Cinch

Sarah Finley
The Bawmann Group

Jim Humphries, D.V.M.
Veterinary News Network

Veterinary News Network Makes Pet Stories a Cinch for Media

DENVER –September 19, 2006 – A source of news about pet health is proving to be a boon for reporters scrambling to meet the public’s desire for meaningful, educational and interesting stories about their pets.

Last year, 66 million viewers took in content originated by the Veterinary News Network (VNN). The network provides reporters, and veterinarians looking to help educate the public, with a source of pet health story ideas and high quality b-roll.

Brenda Baumgartner, news director and anchor for KPVI-TV in Idaho Falls, Idaho said VNN’s materials fit the bill for a busy newsroom looking for pet news that can help their viewers better care for their animals,” Baumgartner said. “We find the VNN material very helpful. Judging from the calls we get after we air our pet segments, we know that these pieces are popular.”

Recent VNN stories have focused on helping pets in disasters, hot hybrid breeds, physical therapy in pets, veterinary chiropractic, avian flu and pets and how to pet proof your home.

“VNN was created so that radio, television and print news media would have a reliable, credible source of veterinary medical information,” said VNN creator Jim Humphries, DVM. “In addition to these stories, we can provide media with a local veterinary expert for interviews, quotes or even regular contribution to programs.”

Dr. Humphries said one misconception VNN has had to overcome is that we are not providing video news releases. “As the news media is well aware, abuse of the VNR format has caused many to stay clear of this medium. When our content is delivered utilizing a local veterinary contributor, the result is a unique, localized specialty news report, not a cookie-cutter VNR.”

The heart of the VNN operation is the network’s Web site at Here both veterinary reporters and affiliate reporters gain access to the story ideas in a print column and radio talking point format. TV contributors receive a customizable news package for re-voice via satellite or tape every month. These packages are able to be re-voiced by the reporter and edited into a news package of any length.

VNN is funded by an educational grant from the Western Veterinary Conference (WVC), the largest educational conference in the world, and endorsed by the American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives (ASVMAE), a network of executives serving veterinary medical associations throughout the US and Canada.

Dr. Humphries noted that 60 to 70 percent of households have pets, so it is not surprising that animal health news stories are high scoring in any market. “We currently have 265 reporters utilizing the VNN material, and veterinarians in many markets willing to contribute to local news,” Dr. Humphries said.

Producers and editors looking for a media friendly veterinarian are encouraged to contact Dr. Humphries directly at or by calling 719-495-2100.

For more information on VNN, please visit

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VNN is a national network of veterinarians and selected affiliate reporters who use VNN produced resources to broadcast local news stories about current issues and advances in animal medicine. The network provides a highly professional source of newsworthy television, radio and print stories for use by its reporters. For more information, go to

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