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Veterinary News Network Helps Practitioners Use Social Media To Reach Local Pet Owner, Grow Practice

Denver, CO (December 1, 2010) – When Dr. Brian Hurley, co-owner of Gardner Animal Care Center, was looking to attract more local pet owners to his Gardner, MA practice, he called on the Veterinary News Network for ideas. Together, Dr. Hurley and the VNN team created a clinic Facebook page which draws on VNN’s extensive digital library of animal health new stories and weekly news alerts to provide fresh, interesting and useful information to nearly 800 Gardner clinic Facebook fans.

“With guidance and content from VNN, our Facebook page has become our best marketing tool,” says Dr. Hurley. “It helps us communicate with clients 24/7, rather than only at appointment time, and has definitely helped us attract new clients. The VNN team and its extensive resources make it very easy for us to participate in social media.”

Since its inception in 2005, VNN has delivered reliable, accurate and timely animal health news stories to traditional broadcast and print media through its network of media-trained veterinarians. In its 2009-10 programming year, VNN produced 24 new animal health stories. It also generated more than 728 million total audience impressions through all media outlets – an amazing accomplishment! This audience reach is equivalent to running a 30-second commercial every week on each of the major network morning shows. In addition, VNN membership grew by more than 25 percent last year.

VNN has experienced rapid growth in its social media services as members have eagerly embraced this format. VNN provides members with specialized training and one-on-one consultation enabling them to publish helpful animal health content to reach and teach local pet owners, as well as market their veterinary services. VNN content is now on more than 145 Facebook pages, thousands of clinic Web sites and hospital digital displays, and two YouTube channels.

“Social media channels and blogging are extremely valuable tools to help local veterinarians reach their clients and prospective clients,” says Dr. Jim Humphries, VNN President and News Director. “And, VNN makes it very easy for its members to participate since they have ready access to an experienced, professional team of veterinary reporters and a complete library of animal health news stories that can be personalized and localized for their use on the Web.”

Because of increased demand for its resources and a reduction in its initial funding grant, VNN will become a member-supported organization starting in January, 2011. VNN membership is open to any practicing veterinarian or allied veterinary media professional. Member fees are $360 per year for individuals or $500 per year for hospitals with two or more VNN members in the practice. Membership applications are available at

About the Veterinary News Network

The Veterinary News Network (VNN) is a national network of more than 450 veterinary and affiliate reporters who use VNN-produced resources to broadcast and publish local news stories about current animal health issues and advances in veterinary care. VNN members are in 310 cities and 43 states covering every major media market. VNN has recorded double-digit growth in its key metrics every year.

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