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Dr. Jim Humphries - Short Bio and Testimonials

As a veterinarian and communications expert, Dr. Jim Humphries DVM, has hosted three national cable television show series and is currently a media and communications consultant for the veterinary profession.  He also is president of DVMedia, a communications consulting and video production company in Colorado Springs, CO. and President & News Director of Veterinary News Network.

Dr. Humphries is a 1977 graduate of the famed College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University. Dr. Jim has owned and operated veterinary hospitals in Eugene OR, San Antonio and Dallas-Ft. Worth TX. In 1985, Humphries began his own radio talk show in Dallas-Ft. Worth on Talk Radio 570 KLIF. This show was syndicated nationwide on over 1,200 stations.  He is author of Dr. Jim’s Animal Clinic for Dogs and Dr. Jim’s Animal Clinic for Cats. (Random House)

Dr. Humphries became the pets and animal reporter for WFAA (ABC) and KXAS (NBC) from 1986 to 1997. He also hosts a series of syndicated TV news insert segments.  Jim is well known among members of broadcast and print media, having appeared regularly on CBS This Morning, CNN Morning News, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Lifetime, ABC Radio Network, USA Radio Network, Sirius Satellite Radio Network and many other television and radio shows. He has been a regular contributor for CBS The Early Show since 1990. He has appeared in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Family Circle and Bottom Line Magazine, among others.

Dr. Jim has done 25 national media tours and over 4,500 interviews on animal health and pet care. Dr. Jim speaks to groups across the country on communications issues and the professional promotion and publicity of veterinary practice.  Dr. Jim is the most experienced media veterinarian in the United States and trains groups of professionals and small business owners on the skills of media interviews.

Testimonials From Media Insiders: 

I can't recommend Dr. Jim Humphries highly enough! 
Betty White

With your help we were able to bring a lively and informative segment to our viewers.  You were great and we'll have you back! 
Gail H. Evans
Senior Vice President

What a fun segment!  We can always count on you for a great segment with a flare for entertainment.  Thanks Again!
Mara Altschuler
CBS This Morning

In my 25 years of television I have yet to meet a more effective spokesperson than Dr. Jim Humphries
Brad Wright
Executive Director
The Texas News Channel

Your reports are always well done, professional, consumer friendly and full of information.  Your style and subject are perfect for television and you will do well in any format.  I’ve seen you on the national shows and your confidence and experience shine through!   
Dave Overton
News Director
KXAS-TV (NBC - Dallas)

It was a pleasure working with you!  It is always fun having you on the’re a pro!!
Leigh McClary
Senior Producer

Crook & Chase (Nashville Network)

Thanks for all your hard work on the segment.  It was great!  It is so nice to work with a "Pro" like Dr. Jim.
Kim McCabe

Lifetime Television

Testimonials From Media Workshop Participants:

“OUTSTANDING!”   “A great day – helpful!”   “Great workshop!”  "Best Media Training We've Ever Had" 

"I've been to media training classes.  Nothing like this.  This man really knows the media business from both sides of the camera!" 

“Dr. Humphries’ background, experience and ability to relate the media world to our profession is invaluable.  Thanks for a great workshop session.”  

“WOW!  Every Doctor and Hospital Director should take this course.  Outstanding information, advice will really help me.  I want to learn more.  Would like to have more practice and more time overall.”  

“Wonderful!  Best lab and best instructor I’ve had.  Superb job!”  

“You’ve stimulated us to form a PR committee and reach out to our local and state media.  Thanks – we needed that.”  

“I would highly recommend this program to other veterinarians and especially State VMA's!”

“I’m so impressed with this seminar.  What useful info!  I’ll use it all – thanks!”

“Very, very good!  Best day long seminar I’ve ever attended!  Practical advice that cut through all the BS.  I’ve attended other media training, this was SO Much Better.  I’ll always attend this meeting. Thank You!”  

“I found the section on using these skills in client communications very helpful.  Unique angle!”  

“Outstanding seminar!  I rarely would give anyone a whole day, but this was worth it.  Thanks to Dr. Humphries and his experience!”  

“Very well rounded and balanced.  Excellent background of information and practical suggestions for dealing with the media”

“I love practical advice.  Dr. Jim put much thought into his prep.  I want to come again and get more practice!”

“This should be mandatory for all academics!  We will have you back to speak to the entire faculty”.  

“I chose to come to this conference solely on this workshop and then looked for other lectures.  I was NOT disappointed.  I would repeat this session as it will give any level of speaker help.”

“Top Notch Work.  Loved it.  Entertaining Too! (that really helps)”

“Informative, fun, valuable.  Kept my interest all day!”

“No nonsense, practical, real world advice – exactly what I need and hard to find in many seminars!  Thanks so much!”

“Do It Again!  Extremely useful.  Very practical, information concise and insightful!”

“Excellent Take Home Message.  Learned SO much.  Thanks a million!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this lab.  It gave me ideas on how to get started in the media business and how to do a controlled interview!”  

“Very valuable – with practice I know I can present better information in interviews – maybe even sweat less!”

Comments about how media training helps veterinarians in Client Communications:

“Helps me not repeat negatives”
“Helps me bridge to my points and my directions”
“I’m more efficient with my time because I control the conversation”
“I now use more visuals”
“My clients are less confused because I’m more clear”
“Informed clients have more work done”
“I now exercise more control over what’s said in the exam room”
“I now have message points for our practice”
“I’m more compassionate in my communications”
“I offer fewer choices and my clients are happier”
“We all have paid more attention to our professional appearance”
“We seem to listen and empathize more now”
“We have less confused clients!”

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