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Jim Humphries

  Dr. Jim Humphries

Dr. Jim Humphries is the most experienced veterinary medical journalist in the country! For almost three decades Dr. Humphries has appeared on practically every popular local and national radio and television program in America. He has acted as spokesperson for the giants in the animal health industry and is a highly popular speaker at state and national meetings in the areas of media communications, using the media for publicity and promotion, crisis communications and using media interview techniques for client communications. Jim has been called “one of the best media trainers in America today!”

Dr. Jim’s approach to communicating animal health stories in the news is time tested. After well over 4,500 radio interviews and TV segments, Jim has learned the best way to communicate complex medical matters in a few short minutes. Whether for CBS The Early Show, CNN Morning News, USA Radio Network or Family Circle Magazine he consistently offers up quick advice and common sense cures pet owner’s can use right now. "Why offer volumes of detail when what people want to know is simple; "How do I get this problem fixed?" "Where do I go for help?" "What will it cost?" "What are my alternatives?” Communication is simple – not academic!”

Betty White said she was amazed at how many new things she learned from Dr. Jim, even after a lifetime with dogs. "He couches everything in common sense language that will help me retain the information." Betty said.

“That’s what makes Dr. Jim the perfect media expert in a sound bite world.” says Brad Wright TV anchor and news director. “He knows how to take a detailed complex subject and boil it down into a 2-minute understandable and helpful nugget. Radio and television loves him!”

Jack Trammel, Ex-NBC News Executive and President of VNR-1 Communications says, “Few specialty reporters are as experienced in the real world of fast paced journalism. Jim now takes years of experience and on-set talent and is building an incredible network of specialty reporters with Veterinary News Network. What better way to cap off a great career – teach others what you know and benefit the greater public. That’s VNN, that’s Dr. Humphries.”

Dr. Humphries has given over 4,500 major market or national television and radio interviews including:

CNN Morning News, CBS News, CBS This Morning, CBS The Early Show, CBS The Saturday Early Show, Fox News Channel, The Today Show, MSNBC, CNBC, Lifetime Television, PBS, The Animal Planet, Good Day New York, Good Morning Texas, Texas News Channel, Crook & Chase, The Home Show, At Home Live, New York One News, The Discovery Channel, Prime Sports Network, Hour Magazine, Home & Health Report, MET Television Network, America’s Health Network, American Christian Television, America’s Hobbies & Pastimes, Texas News Network, Super Stations KTLA, WPCB, KKTV, WB 11,WGN and 24 national media tours.

Radio Appearances Include:

Associated Press Radio Network, USA Radio Network News, Daybreak USA, IRN Radio Network, NBC Radio Network, CBS Radio Network, ABC Radio Network, Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Radio, Armed Forces Radio Network, Business Radio Network, World Wide Radio Network, American Forum Radio Network, Sun Radio Network, Wall Street Journal Radio Network, UPI Radio Network, CNN Radio and local powerhouses like KLIF Dallas, KOA Denver, WGN Chicago, Conus Radio Network, Radio America, Connect Radio, Powermectics Radio, Clear Channel Radio Systems, Master Control, and many national radio media tours.

Print Media Credits Include:

Dr. Jim was awarded the prestigious "High Profile" position in the Dallas Morning news. His articles have appeared in: Wall Street Journal, Family Circle Magazine, The Bottom Line, USA Weekend, USA Today, UPI Wire Service, National Enquirer, Woman’s Day, Fortune Magazine, National Geographic News, The Dallas Times Herald, Pet Care Times, Pet Supplies Marketing, Personal Computing Magazine, CATS, Dog World, Cat Lovers Magazine, Cat Fancy Magazine, The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Dallas Morning News, The Star Telegram, The Cleveland Plains Dealer and many more.

Dr. Humphries has served as a media communications consultant for the following corporations:

F.W. Woolworth, Inc., PetsMart, Petco, Dogloo, Veterinary Pet Insurance, Sandos Agro, Housekeepers, Premiere Pet Products, Inc., Pet Ecology Brands, Canine Counselors Inc., Treasured Friends, American Humane Association, American Veterinary Medical Foundation, Western Veterinary Conference, Hills Pet Nutrition, Fort Dodge Animal Health, Bayer Animal Health, Francodex Laboratories,, National Dental Network many state veterinary medical associations and more.

Seminars and Conferences:

Using this extensive media experience to help others, Dr. Jim holds full day media training workshops for a variety of national conferences, most US State Veterinary Medical Associations, commercial interests, non-profit associations and individuals.  Using the entertaining hook of motorcycles, Jim has developed a keynote address called Full Throttle Publicity which teaches professional promotions using local media. 

The Mass Media Hook:

In 1985, after having been a frequent guest on a local talk radio program in Dallas, Ft. Worth, the program director approached him with the idea of doing his own Saturday afternoon two-hour call-in talk radio show. "Dr. Jim’s Animal Clinic" was born and became one of the most popular weekend lifestyles programs on KLIF-AM 570 during a time when the station was consistently in the top five stations in the seventh largest market in the country.

It wasn't long before Dr. Humphries was appearing on Dallas Ft. Worth’s television programs and soon a regular position as Pets and Animal Reporter for WFAA-TV (ABC) then later for KXAS-TV (NBC). These exposures lead to a series of syndicated television news inserts and appearances on national programs in Hollywood and New York.

Early on Dr. Humphries received some valuable advice from some of the media’s heavy-weights. Marty Hague of Belo Broadcasting and Dan Bennett of Susquehanna Broadcasting both guided the budding specialty star to make the right moves and launch a new career. Betty White used her personal friendship with Jim to advice, guide and assist his career.

Soon Dr. Jim’s radio show was syndicated on the Associated Press Radio Network in over 150 stations and he was working on his new half hour television show series also to be syndicated.

After many years on the radio Dr. Humphries was approached by Macmillan Publishing in New York to write two books based on his popular national talk radio call-in program. Named after the show itself, "Dr. Jim’s Animal Clinic for Dogs", and "Dr. Jim’s Animal Clinic for Cats" were released in 1993 and sold over 35,000 copies in the first year. Jim’s long time friend, Betty White, wrote the forewords.

The local radio show was a fixture in the Dallas Ft. Worth Saturday afternoon radio line-up for seven years! The show held live remotes at various events and the public turned out in droves to see, hear and learn. Nationally the show eventually switched networks and at its peak was aired on almost 1,200 radio stations nationwide! During the course of this dramatic radio run, Dr. Jim calculated he answered over 33,000 on-air questions from callers all over the country.

Television Production:

In 1990, being intrigued by the technology of "behind-the-scenes" production in both audio and video electronic media, Dr. Humphries founded DVMedia, a television production and communications consulting firm in Dallas, Texas. Now in Colorado Springs, Colorado, DVMedia has earned 18 National Telly Awards, 6 National Aurora Awards and one from the Colorado Film Commission for excellence in television and video production. Specializing in employee training and corporate image productions, DVMedia can take any complex subject and turn it into an easily understandable and compelling, fast paced video or broadcast television program. Today DVMedia produces programs for a variety of corporate clients and is considered one of the best high quality small production companies in Colorado.

Professional Spokesperson:

During his work in radio and television, Dr. Jim became the spokesperson for a variety of corporations who needed a credible professional to deliver their message to a demanding mass media. Dr. Humphries went through a variety of intensive media training courses and then applied his own understanding of what producers and editors want. The result was a winning combination of a highly successful corporate media spokesperson and a highly desirable program guest.

Dr. Humphries is routinely asked back to most programs where he appears because he knows how to properly balance a corporate or product message with the "edu-tainment" needed in today’s competitive media world. He completely understands both the "in-front" and "behind-the-scenes" aspects of electronic media production and that makes him the perfect guest.

To date, Dr. Jim has acted as a spokesperson for some of the profession’s most important companies and as a consultant and media trainer for a variety of industry that needs the media communications experience he brings to the table.

In 1999, Dr. Humphries became the spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Foundation and hosted a series of award winning video programs for veterinarians called Veterinary Staff Meeting. These programs were mailed to the entire veterinary profession and literally set the pace for new innovative ways to bring staff and doctors together for continuing education and training.

In its first year alone, this program won 4 National Telly Awards and the recognition from other medical professions. It was the most innovative and leading edge program the profession had seen and won accolades from the entire profession. Today Dr. Humphries acts as a spokesperson, media consultant and lectures at various state veterinary medical associations and national conferences.

       Veterinary News Network:

In the ultimate evolution of such a career in communications, the Veterinary News Network was born. Using two decades of news savvy and almost 30 years as a veterinarian, VNN mixes the two and provides consumer animal health news stories to veterinary reporters in the US and Canada. VNN also helps connect interested veterinarians with their local media to create very powerful cumulative reach with news concerning the health and well being of all animals. From heat stroke to flea control and from Mad Cow disease to homeland security issues, VNN produces stories that keep the public informed and educated in this vital part of our lives. Dr. Humphries acts as President and News Director for VNN. He directs the network and makes news decisions based on his experience. He is also a VNN reporter for several radio and television networks. At the beginning of 2011 VNN had 250 members in the US and Canada.  Ratings show that VNN stories were seen by over 800 Million viewers in 2010 and the total PR value to the veterinary profession reached over $70 Million Dollars at the completion of its sixth year of production.      


        The American Society of Veterinary Journalists:

Also in 2009, Dr. Humphries created the American Society of Veterinary Journalists

ASVJ certifies any animal health professional that holds themselves out to the public via electronic or print media.  This certification process will include an evaluation of the candidate’s credentials, previous media work and an examination to determine the candidates understanding of the media through which they desire to communicate. The certification assures the contributor has met standards in both veterinary medicine and in media journalism on which the producer and the public can rely. (ASVJ) in an effort to improve the quality of veterinary medical information delivered in the public media.  The organization is formed to provide certification of veterinary contributors to public media as well as lend extraordinary credibility and confidence to both producers and editors of media programs and publications. 

Adjunct Professor, Texas A & M University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Texas A&M CVM LogoIn 2012 Dr. Humphries joined the faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.  The position will allow Dr. Humphries to teach all aspects of media communications to students, faculty and practitioners which will allow for more media savvy professionals and encourage mass media communications. 

“Dr. Humphries has been involved in every aspect of mass media communications for the past three decades.  He is a natural and talented teacher and will bring to our students, faculty and practitioners the ability to communicate our love of animal medicine to the public in a positive and effective way.” said Dr. Eleanor Green, Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine.

“This is a once in a life-time opportunity for me to use the experience I’ve gained in 27 years of media work to help my colleagues do a much better job of communicating the great stories of veterinary medicine to the general public.  I look forward to being highly creative and passing on this much needed talent to future generations of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine.  It is an honor and a wonderful challenge at this point in my career.” said Humphries.



Jim is a multi-engine, instrument rated commercial pilot with 2,000 hours of flying time in gliders and small single engine planes all the way up to large multi-engine pressurized corporate planes.

He is also a third degree black belt martial arts instructor. Trained in Shin-Toshi the martial art is a combination of three styles and is the only American born martial art to receive sanctioning from the Korean Government.

As an instructor, Jim has trained many students for their black belt degree.

Motorcycles are also a favorite activity.  Jim and his wife (rides her own!) tour the Western United States and National Parks on two wheels.  It's the best way to see the mountains and smell the countryside.  In fact, Jim teaches small business promotions and publicity techniques using the motorcycle theme. These "Full Throttle Publicity" Seminars and Keynote addresses have proven very entertaining and informative to a variety of audiences.

Today Jim lives with his wife Patricia on their horse farm 20 miles north of Colorado Springs on the Palmer Divide. Patricia shows Arabians to national honors every year both in the U.S. and Canada under the banner of Mariah Ridge Performance Horses.

They share the property with rescued dogs; a Bird Dog (Lily) and two Great Danes (Taylor and Tucker)!  Taylor is now battling bone cancer and wears a prosthetic from OrthoPets in Denver. Patricia volunteers her time with the Great Dane Rescue organizations and teaches riding lessons. 

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