Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Feline Food Controversy Confounds Cat Lovers

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Sleuth the Reporter Dog

Eating is one of Sleuth’s favorite past times and he knows plenty of dogs and cats who love to eat as well.  But, there is a new debate over which food is best for our cat friends, dry food or canned food.  Luckily, Sleuth has the Veterinary News Network to help sort things out!

1) For most cat owners, feeding a dry kibble is convenient, easy and takes little effort.  In general, most cats also eat dry food very well.

2) A recent paper has proposed that feeding canned food to cats, especially food without grains, is better for the health of the pet.

3) Cats are an obligate carnivore which means that they derive most of their nutritional needs from animal sources.  They have very limited means to utilize carbohydrates as an energy source.

4) Most commercial diets, especially dry foods are formulated with plants, especially cereal grains, as important ingredients.

5) The paper theorizes that these excess carbohydrates end up being stored as fat, leading to obesity and other major health issues, like diabetes.

6) According to the author, canned foods provide more water for the cat and can help with urinary issues, like obstructions and stones.

7) Some cats won’t eat canned food or won’t eat a whole portion.  If you decide that canned foods may be a better choice for your cat, your veterinarian can help you with the switch.

8) Be sure that you don’t over feed your cats by leaving dry food available AND feeding canned food meals.

9) Ask your veterinarian for advice on an appropriate diet for your feline friend.

10) Be sure to bookmark www.PetDocsOnCall.com as a trusted source of pet health information.

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