Saturday, February 06, 2016

Pet Care During Tough Times

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Sadly, a good friend of Sleuth the Reporter Dog was laid off from his job recently.  He is really worried about caring for his dogs and cats.   Sleuth asked the Veterinary News Network for some advice on keeping up with your pet’s care during tough times!

1) Don’t skimp on wellness care!  Too many diseases and parasites are prevented by inexpensive vaccines and medications.

2) Avoid trying to save money by buying over-the counter products or vaccines.   These items can be dangerous and sometimes deadly to your pet.

3) When emergencies occur, talk to your veterinarian.  Don’t try to treat the wound yourself with bandages or topical ointments.  These steps are rarely helpful.

4) Never give human medications to your pets without authorization from your veterinarian.  Many pet poisonings are due to this well-intentioned act.

5) DO exercise with your pet!  A tired pet is a happy pet and less likely to look for trouble!

6) Keep your pet’s weight at optimal levels.   Obese pets are prone to costly diseases like diabetes, arthritis and certain cancers.

7) Love your pet each day!   These daily touches can find little lumps and bumps before they turn into big expensive masses!

8) Consider a pet health savings plan or even insurance for your pet.  A little money put aside today could be a life-saver for your pet tomorrow.

9) Talk with your veterinarian about the essentials of your pet’s care.  Some procedures could be delayed without undue risk to your pet’s health.

10) Bookmark as your source of trusted and accurate pet health information.